Ideal CS-45-520

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3 Step Coaxial Stripper, For F-Type, Many single crimp BNC/TNC, Twist-on BNC/TNC, Twinax and UHF connectors , Strips 0.250 in. (6.3mm)

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Ideal CS-45-520

Choose from two adjustable coaxial cable strippers that make stripping and crimping cables a breeze.


Blue Model

This is for 0.250-inch (6.3 mm) coaxial cable. It can attach F-type connectors (like those used for cable television), single-crimp and twist-on BNC and TNC connectors, twinax (cables with two wire conductors) connectors, and less commonly used UHF connectors, which are used more for amateur radio. Use RC-45-522 replacement cassettes with this.


Black Model

This is for stripping the braid and dielectric insulation of 0.240-inch (6.0 mm) coax. It works with dual crimp BNC and TNC connectors. Use RC-45-52 replacement cassettes with this.


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