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All security systems are only as good as the platform and equipment that is used and properly installed so even if you have state of the art hardware in place it won’t do you any good without the ability to review the images and playback the video feed.

Why is this so important? This piece is what tells the story about what happened and who is responsible and without it then the investigation has to rely on other clues.

The CCTV DVR recorder is one of the single most important items to have as part of your security system purchase along with cameras, TV screens and accessories. The DVR is where all of the camera images are captured and stored according to the settings and specifications set by the user. This device has a storage capacity that can be enhanced or the owner can remove the data and store on a separate device in order to make room for the new information.

This process helps to catch the bad guys whether they break in from the outside or are working against the company from the inside. Install obvious security devices where they can be seen or use cameras designed to look like everyday objects and film in secret to catch the individual unawares. At the end of the day, the ‘playback’ feature is the function that will help the most and is only available on the DVR recorder.

Online retailers that market top of the line security systems typically have bundles or packages already put together with all the hardware and equipment needed to make it easier for customers to purchase compatible items.

The CCTV DVR recorder is part of this or can be purchased on its own and then setup with the other pieces per the directions. Cable companies offer this same type of device for the recording and storage of TV shows when users will not be around to watch them live. The concept is the same but in this case the information stored is images of your home or office caught on camera and stored for later review.

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