Pelco IMS0LW10-1


Day/Night with Mechanical IR Cut Filter, Compact Size with 3-Inch Bubble, Up to 0.5 Megapixel (MPx) Resolution (800 x 600), Up to 30 Images Per Second (ips) at All Resolutions, Advanced Low-Light Capability, Wide Dynamic Range with Anti-Bloom Technology,

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Sarix 0.5MP Day/Night IP Mini Dome Camera

The Pelco IMS0LW10-1 Sarix 0.5 MP day/night IP mini dome camera is a standard definition fixed dome network camera which comes with Sure Vision technology. The Sure Vision takes the imaging to next level with low-light capability, wide dynamic range (WDR) and anti-bloom technology.

Sure Vision Technology

Included in Sure Vision Technology, the Wide Dynamic Range of this camera lets it capture clear images without being blurry, washed out or overexposed due to varying light conditions. Also, with Anti-Bloom Technology, the camera adjusts the image to create the best picture when a bright light source is introduced in a dark scene, such as the glaring head lights of nighttime traffic.

Standard definition

The camera features a 0.5 MP sensor and offers maximum resolution of 800 x 600p. At this resolution the camera captures high quality videos at a frame rate of 30 FPS. Also, with a varifocal 2.8 – 10 mm autofocus lens, the camera offers some excellent zoom features with automatic correction of focus.

Low-light monitoring

The camera offers some advanced low-light capability with sensitivity down to 0.0013 lux. The super low-lux sensor with a mechanical IR cut filter enables the camera to function efficiently in near dark conditions and during night-time too. The camera comes in a compact size with 3-inch bubble dome, easy to install anywhere without bulky and protruding parts.

Additional features

It captures videos in standard H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG compression formats, features line-in and line-out audio with built-in microphone, Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af Class 2 and is capable of running up to two simultaneous video streams with option of web viewing and follows open IP standards.



IMS0LW10-1 Sarix 0.5MP Day/Night IP Mini Dome Camera Features:


  • Up to 0.5 Megapixel (MPx) Resolution (800 x 600)
  • Up to 30 Images per Second (ips) at All Resolutions
  • Advanced Low-Light Capability
  • Wide Dynamic Range with Anti-Bloom Technology
  • Day/Night with Mechanical IR Cut Filter
  • Compact Size with 3-Inch Bubble
  • Varifocal 2.8 – 10 mm Autofocus Lens
  • Easy Installation
  • H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG Compression
  • Sensitivity Down to 0.0013 lux
  • Line-in and Line-out Audio with Built-in Microphone
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af Class 2
  • Up to 2 Simultaneous Video Streams
  • Web Viewing
  • Open IP Standards


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