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Indoor Sounding Sirens

Indoor certified sounding piezo sirens used with alarm systems, when a break in occurs the sirens are activated scaring intruders away quick.
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  1. Honeywell WAP-PLUS

    802.11 G/N Wi-Fi Protocols, Supports Total, Connect Video Applications, Optimized for Video Streaming, Enhanced Network Security, Simple configuration using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS),

    Model No : Honeywell WAP-PLUS
  2. Honeywell WREX

    Wireless Standards, Supports 802.11b/g/n, Bridge Mode for Wired Clients, WPS Support, Connect a wired IP Device to the Ethernet port to convert it to wireless

    Model No : Honeywell WREX
  3. Honeywell 747PD/ 747PDT

    The sirens feature a sleek, lightweight design, an easy-to-wire terminal block and a hinged case cover. Two different options available.

    Model No : 747PD/747PDT
  4. Honeywell WAVE

    Corner or Ceiling Mounting, Channeled Case Back, Convenient Wiring Access, Vertical Or Horizontal Mounting, Great Versatility, 8 ohms/15 Watts, Patented Case Design Fits

    Model No : Honeywell WAVE
  5. Honeywell WAVE2

    Snap-Open Hinged, Case Cover, Faster Installation, 2 Position Terminal, Block Eliminates Splicing, Corner or ceiling mounting, Channeled Case Back, Convenient Wiring Access

    Model No : WAVE2
  6. Honeywell WAVE2F

    Convenient Wiring Access, Corner Ceiling Mounting, Additional Brackets or Hardware, Channeled Case Back, Patented Case, Design Fits Single

    Model No : Honeywell WAVE2F
  7. Honeywell WAVE-F

    Vertical or Horizontal Mounting, Great Versatility, 8 ohms/15 Watts, Patented Case Design, Fits Single Gang, Electrical Box or Wall Plate

    Model No : WAVE-F
  8. Honeywell 746/746F

    Easy to Mount on Wall, 15 Watts Continuous, 20 Watts Peak, Double Polyurethane, Coated Voice Coil - Prevents Corrosion, Mounting Hardware Included, Heavy Duty Magnet

    Model No : 746
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8 Item(s)

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