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Here at 2MCCTV, we offer education security solutions including analog and network systems solutions for educational facilities.  Schools are subject to vandalism and violence, and one way to prevent these from happening or increasing the chances of catching the culprit are placing security cameras throughout the school and in the outside perimeter.

We offer access control for employees to enter secure areas and IP solutions with advanced analytics.  Our experts will find solutions for you based on your budget, and customize it based on your needs.

  • Cafeteria: You can integrate a POS system into your surveillance to monitor point of sales.
  • Bus: To ensure the safety of students on buses, install a mobile DVR.  Select DVRs feature GPS to monitor the driver’s whereabouts at all times.
  • Sports and Performance Venues: It is imperative to place POS hardware at the ticket sales cashier area to monitor the employees and sales.
  • Fleet Management: Placing perimeter security at fleet management is crucial to protect the school’s expensive equipment.
  • School Grounds:  Based on the size of the hardware, schools can look back from 2 weeks to several months to investigate incidents that happened on school grounds,

Customer Benefits

  • Lower operational costs
  • Safety of staff and students
  • Decreased risk of vandalism, burglary, and theft
  • Lower insurance premiums

Here are some of the schools we have provided surveillance equipment for:

    • Whitley County School District – Read about it here  
    • Dallas Independent School District   

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