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Audio Surveillance

Whether you need just a microphone, a full audio surveillance system, or a fully integrated audio/video intercom system – you are in the right place. Individual microphones and systems all of varying features depending on what your specific needs are.

If you have highly secured areas, you may need an audio/video intercom system to see and hear from people requesting access. If you just need audio recognition, then an audio only intercom will do the trick. Already have a security system that needs better audio pick up? Install additional microphones and you will be good to go.

2MCCTV.com has whatever you need.

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  1. ETS SM5

    Single Zone Audio Surveillance Kit, designed to connect to:, video recorder,CCTV monitor (with a built in speaker), remote monitoring equipment

    Model No : ETS SM5
  2. ETS SMI5

    ETS SMI5 4 zone audio surveillance kit,connect to video recorders,connect to audio recorders ,connect to remote monitoring equipment,connect to CCTV monitors (with built in speakers)

    Model No : ETS SMI5
  3. ETS SM5-EA

    Audio Surveillance Kit, Power Over Ethernet I/P Cameras

    Model No : ETS SM5-EA
  4. ETS SM5-M2

    Expanded single zone, audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-M2
  5. ETS SM5-EQ

    Equalizer/DVR, interface single zone, audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-EQ

    Professional Grade microphone, and Pre-amp, Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter, DVR interface single zone audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-EQ-PRO
  7. ETS SMI-5

    4 Channel, Audio Surveillance kit, designed to connect directly, toaudio recorders, video recorders, DVRs, remote monitoring equipment

    Model No : ETS SMI-5
  8. ETS STW3

    Single Zone, 2 Way, Audio Surveillance System, 16 VAC AC adapter, Warning label

    Model No : ETS STW3
  9. 2MCCTV 2M-07

    • 2M-07 External MIC
    • Audio; RCA Female power
    • DC Female
    • Power Supply Sold Separately

    Model No : 2M-07

    Regular Price: $28.57

    Special Price $8.82

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9 Item(s)

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