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Internet Communicator

Internet Communicator helps connect your intrusion alarm system with internet communication.
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  1. DSC TL250

    DSC TL250: T-Link Alarm Communicator,Supports Power 864/PowerSeries/MAXSYS Panels, Always-on IP Communication, 128-bit AES encryption, Supports DHCP, Compatible w/ 10/100BaseT Networks

    Model No : TL250
  2. Honeywell 7847i

    Uses 256-bit Advanced, Encryption Standard or Optional, 1024 Bit Encryption With Two-way, Authentication and no Key Exchange, for Maximum Data Protection, Contact ID Messages From The Panel's, Phone Line and Sends Them to The Central

    Model No : 7847i
  3. Honeywell 7845i-ENT

    Private Network Application, Compatible with Enterprise Intranet Receiver, Up to 1000 Accounts Per Receiver, Internet Application, Unlimited Account Capacity, Remote control with optional Symphony services

    Model No : 7845i-ENT
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3 Item(s)

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