Pelco IS21-CHV10S


24 VAC or 12 VDC, Operation Autosensing, Service Connector, Video Output, Surface Mount with Clear Dome , Varifocal Lens , Shipped Completely Assembled, Easy to Install

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Camclosure-2 Indoor Mini Dome Camera
The Pelco IS21-CHV10S Camclosure-2 Indoor Mini Dome Camera comes in a surface mount design with a clear dome. It hails from the IS20/IS21 series Camclosuretm 2 and features the proprietary camclosure system which coordinates the camera and lens bundled into a little, flexible indoor dome that can be mounted specifically to, or recessed into, a ceiling or wall. This makes the camera minimalist and sleek, making it suitable to merge into designer interiors and plain walls alike.

Compact Camclosuretm™
The fully integrated indoor enclosure provides an excellent housing for the camera and lens and offers easy installation as the unit is pre-assembled. The camera is flush mount with smoked dome and does not protrude. It offers effective surveillance with a three-axis camera and lens positioning system, which is capable of providing a variety of pan and tilt angles.

High-Resolution Imaging
The camera features a high resolution 1/3-inch CCD color sensor and a 2.8 – 10 mm varifocal lens, and this combination collectively offers great picture quality with vivid details. The camera is manually repositionable with a manual 3-axis (Pan/Tilt/Rotation) positioning, which allows adjustment for optimum camera rotation and placement.

Dual Voltage Operation
The camera features Auto Image Stabilizer to compensate for external vibration. It features a service connector for video output and a dual voltage (24 VAC or 12 VDC) operation which is autosensing and changes the operating mode automatically according to the power supply.



IS21-CHV10S Camclosure-2 Indoor Mini Dome Camera Features:


  • Fully Integrated Indoor Enclosure with Camera and Lens
  • High Resolution Color Sensor
  • Varifocal Lens
  • Shipped Completely Assembled, Easy to Install
  • 24 VAC or 12 VDC Operation, Autosensing
  • Manual, 3-Axis (Pan/Tilt/Rotation) Positioning Allows Adjustment for Optimum Camera Rotation and Placement
  • Service Connector for Video Output
  • Surface Mount with Clear Dome
  • Auto Image Stabilizer to Compensate for External Vibration


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