Pelco IS51-DNV10S


Outdoor Enclosure with Camera and Lens, Positioning Allows, Adjustment Optimum, Camera Rotation Placement, Service Connector for Video Output ,Surface Mount with Clear Dome ,Built-in Heater for Outdoor Environments ,Vandal-Resistant Heavy Duty

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Camclosure-2 Outdoor Rugged Day/Night Mini Dome Camera
The Pelco IS51-DNV10S is a Camclosure-2 outdoor rugged day/night mini dome camera. Belonging to the IS50/IS51 series Camclosuretm 2 camera system, the DNV20S integrates a camera and lens package into a small, versatile indoor enclosure that can be mounted directly to, or recessed into, a ceiling or wall. The surface mount indoor camera with smoked dome features a high resolution sensor that offers low-light capability for effective day/night camera functionality.

Rugged Camclosure™ Enclosure
The fully integrated indoor enclosure provides an excellent housing for the camera and lens and offers easy installation as the unit is pre-assembled. The camera is flush mount with smoked dome and does not protrude. It offers effective surveillance with a three-axis camera and lens positioning system, which is capable of providing a variety of pan and tilt angles.

Day/Night Features
The day/night camera comes with a CCD sensor that offers low-light imaging with clear color images. The camera offers seamless video feed with a built-in heater to keep it running in all temperature conditions, while a vandal resistant housing makes it ready for the adversities of the outdoors.

Sharp Picture Quality
The camera is capable of delivering sharp and clear images with vivid details with a high resolution color sensor and a varifocal lens. The super low lux sensor offers low light functionality and can capture the same great images in near dark conditions too, providing round the clock security solution.

Ease in Operation
The camera features Auto Image Stabilizer to compensate for external vibration. It features a service connector for video output and a dual voltage (24 VAC or 12 VDC) operation which is autosensing and changes the operating mode automatically according to the power supply.



IS51-DNV10S Camclosure-2 Outdoor Rugged Day/Night Mini Dome Camera Features:


  • Vandal-Resistant Heavy Duty Outdoor Enclosure with Camera and Lens
  • High Resolution Day/Night Sensor
  • Varifocal Lens
  • Shipped Completely Assembled, Easy to Install
  • 24 VAC or 12 VDC Operation, Autosensing
  • Manual, 3-Axis (Pan/Tilt/Rotation) Positioning Allows Adjustment for Optimum Camera Rotation and Placement
  • Service Connector for Video Output
  • Surface Mount with Clear Dome
  • Built-in Heater for Outdoor Environments


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