Pelco IXS0C50-EB


Heater Defroster Blower, Local Storage (Mini SD) Alarm Capture, Motion Detection, Audio Accessory Available, EH3512-2 small outdoor enclosure with 24 VAC

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Color Camera 0.5 Megapixel 15-50mm Varifocal Lens with Heater Defroster and Blower
Pelco IXS0C50-EB is one of a kind in the segment of Network cameras, which features a 0.5 Megapixel sensor in IXS0 Series. This colored surveillance camera has 15-50mm Varifocal Lens, which ensures industry-leading image process in every security application. This standard networking camera is provided with a heater defroster and blower feature.

Presenting the best of technology, Pelco IXS0C50-EB is provided with a wall mount design for easy installation. Pelco IXS0C50-EB is widely preferred for offering auto correct images with Auto Back Focus feature. This network camera offers an easy Video Setup Jack and capture clear color images in the most ill illuminated zones too!

Pelco IXS0C50-EB is a hi-end networking camera provides images in H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 format compressions. This further ensures enhanced compatibility of these SVGA resolution (800 x 600) resolution-images to be displayed on every recording system. This camera can capture videos with a frame rate of 30 Images per Second (IPS) in every lighting situation (sensitivity down to 0.03 lux).

Ideally noted as a versatile and reliable solution, Pelco IXS0C50-EB offers viewing up to 16 cameras simultaneously. Pelco IXS0C50-EB can be networked using Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) and draws power from 24 VAC dual power source.




IXS0C50-EB Color Camera 0.5 Megapixel 15-50mm Varifocal Lens with Heater Defroster and Blower Features:


  • Open IP Standards
  • Up to SVGA Resolution (800 x 600)
  • Up to 30 Images per Second (ips) at All Resolutions
  • Auto Back Focus
  • H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 Compression Capability
  • Color
  • Video Setup Jack
  • Sensitivity Down to 0.03 lux
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) or 24 VAC
  • Up to 2 Simultaneous Video Streams
  • Web Viewing, up to 16 Cameras Simultaneously
  • Local Storage (Mini SD) for Alarm Capture
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio Accessory Available
  • EH3512-2 small outdoor enclosure with 24 VAC, heater, defroster, and blower


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