Pelco IXS0C50-ECS


Video Setup Jack, Local Storage (Mini SD), Alarm Capture, Motion Detection, EH3512-2 Small Outdoor Enclosure with 24 VAC, Heater Defroster Sunshield

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Network Color Camera 0.5 Megapixel 15-50mm Varifocal Lens with Heater Defroster Sunshield
Pelco IXS0C50-ECS is another entry from the Sarix technology camera with IX SVGA resolution features.  Pelco IXS0C50-ECS has a 0.5 megapixel sensor, 15 – 50 mm varifocal lens in an EH1512-2 small indoor/outdoor enclosure.  It comes with a heater, defroster and a sunshield.

Hi-Tech  Camera Components
This network cames is easy to zoom in on specific objects and brings everything in focus. With up to SVGA resolution (800 x 600), Pelco IXS0C50-ECS is able to capture high quality videos in a frame rate of 30 Images per Second (IPS) at all resolutions.

Great Compatibility
Pelco IXS0C50-ECS is known for offering matchelss compatibilty tandard H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 format compressions. Suited for every industrail and commercial area, Pelco IXS0C50-ECS ensures easy auto-correction of images.

Easy Networking
Pelco IXS0C50-ECS ensures obstruction-free network with a Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) feature.  Pelco IXS0C50-ECS viewing and configuration through a web based interface, providing up to two simultaneous video streams with option of web viewing of up to 16 cameras simultaneously.




IXS0C50-ECS Network Color Camera 0.5 Megapixel 15-50mm Varifocal Lens with Heater Defroster Sunshield Features:


  • Open IP Standards
  • Up to SVGA Resolution (800 x 600)
  • Up to 30 Images per Second (ips) at All Resolutions
  • Auto Back Focus
  • H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 Compression Capability
  • Color
  • Video Setup Jack
  • Sensitivity Down to 0.03 lux
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) or 24 VAC
  • Up to 2 Simultaneous Video Streams
  • Web Viewing, up to 16 Cameras Simultaneously
  • Local Storage (Mini SD) for Alarm Capture
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio Accessory Available
  • EH3512-2 small outdoor enclosure with 24 VAC, heater, defroster,Sunshield


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