Bosch KBE-832V94-20NV


Bosch KBE-832V94-20NV, ip outdoor prepackaged, hd 1080p, day/night, h.264, audio, poe, sd card slot, iva installed, 9-40mm, 24vac, 60hz, Tri-streaming / IP66-rated

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power supply


CAT6- Pre-made cable

The Bosch KBE-832V94-20NV camera kit is a collection of DinionHD 1080p day and night outdoor camera, VLG-3V3813-MP5 varifocal lens, an LTC 9215/00 indoor/outdoor mount and a 5 feet (1.5 m) pre-wired power cable.

The DinionHD day and night camera captures MPEG-4 videos at 30 images per second with its 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor. Bandwidth is managed wisely with the H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling and multicasting abilities. Videos are recorded locally in the microSD memory card. The Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) involves multilevel image analysis of pixels, texture and object direction while Motion+ video motion analysis has object size filtering capabilities and sophisticated tamper-detection capabilities.

The VLG-3V3813-MP5 varifocal lens 1/2.5-inch image format and has 9 to 40 mm focal length along with 5 MP resolution. It captures effectively under any lighting conditions, as it has DC-iris control to manage the amount of light entering the lens.

The LTC 9215/00 indoor and outdoor mount has proper cable feed-through for quick and easy installation. It supports 360° rotation and 180° tilt that provides flexibility to the camera. The mount can bear any cameras of maximum weight up to 9 kg (20 lb).



  • 1/3" CCD image sensor with 2.8-10mm varifocal lens
  • Resolution – up to 540TVL
  • 20-bit image processing – captures detailed images in both bright highlights and deep shadows simultaneously; image processing and wide dynamic range function when used together maximizes the information visibility in the image even with strong backlighting
  • Fiber transmitter enables the camera to send video signals over fiber optic cable and is compatible with the LTC 4642/60 Fiber Receiver
  • 2x-Dynamic and SmartBLC – pixel-by-pixel analysis to provide detailed image and SmartBLC compensates the image without compromising the dynamic range or any additional set-up
  • Automatic auto black feature – increases the visibility of details in mist or fog conditions where the scene contrast is less than full range
  • Bilinx technology – enables you to change the camera settings, check status, and update firmware from anywhere via the coaxial cable; uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, improving the overall performance of the camera and reducing the service/installation time
  • Auto white balance – adjusts the red and blue signals in the MWB mode by taking a standard white color reference to get the most natural colors
  • Privacy masking – provides 4 different privacy zones, enabling you to mask specific portion of a scene for security
  • Default shutter speed – allows you to capture fast moving objects when sufficient light is available
  • Multi-language on-screen display for easy access and also increases user compatibility
  • Programmable modes – supports up to 6 independent, pre-programmed operating modes which can be easily switched via Bilinx or the external alarm input
  • Built-in video motion detection – enables you to select a programmable area with individual threshold; on motion detection, the alarms can be displayed in video signals or an alarm message can be sent via Bilinx
  • SensUp dynamic – improves the sensitivity by increasing the integration time up to 10 times on the CCD, useful when relying only on moonlight for illumination
  • Plug-and-play feature allows you to install the camera easily
  • Includes a sunshield, which protects the camera from direct rays of the sun
  • Heater and blower to maintain internal temperature


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