Bosch KBN-455V28-21N


Bosch KBN-455V28-21N, ip indoor prepackaged, high resolution color camera, 2.8-10mm lens, 24vac 60hz, Tri-streaming / IP66-rated

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CAT6- Pre-made cable

The Bosch KBN-455V28-21N is a prepackaged indoor IP color camera that includes NBC-455-21P Dinion IP camera, a LTC 3364/50 varifocal lens and a LTC 9215/00S indoor / outdoor mount. Wires are enclosed within the housing to prevent intruders from tampering the connection.

NBC-455-21P Dinion Indoor IP Camera

The NBC-455-21P Dinion IP camera has 1/3-inch color progressive scan CCD image sensor that delivers pictures up to 540 TV Lines horizontal resolution. The Auto Black feature makes sure the clarity stays up even in low-contrast circumstances such as mist, fog and other conditions. With Digital Signal Processing technology, the camera becomes more sensitive and captures high-quality videos. H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling and multicasting capabilities saves valuable bandwidth while maintaining high offering high-quality video output.

Two separate H.264 streams and a single M-JPEG stream are delivered at the same time with tri-streaming ability. The NBC-455-21P IP camera has 3 levels of security and 802.1x authentication using rRadius. Privacy masking allows the user to block specific areas (up to 4 areas) within the field-of-view of camera. With the Bilinx technology installed, it can be controlled and configured through video cable from anywhere. LensWizard automatically detects the attached lens and adjusts accordingly to maintain accurate focusing. Through the Power over Ethernet (PoE) function, the IP camera gets it power from Ethernet cable. An Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) is provided manages during power failures.

LTC 3364/50 Varifocal Lens

The LTC 3364/50 varifocal lens with a focal length of 2.8 to 10 mm features maximum aperture stop and DC-iris to control the amount of light entering the lens to ensure perfectly illuminated footage even in dull lighting conditions. It has manual focus and zoom control for accurate focusing. With robust construction, it can withstand physical impacts.

LTC 9215/00S Indoor/Outdoor Mount

The LTC 9215/00S supports 360° swivel head rotation and 180° tilt that offers maximum flexibility to the camera. It is made of lightweight aluminum with welded construction that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring tubular feed-through design, the mount hides all the cables to prevent intruders from cutting the wires. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 20 lbs (9 kg).



  • High-resolution camera with a 1/3" color progressive scan CCD image sensor delivers clear images at a resolution up to 540TVL
  • Digital Signal Processing technology increases sensitivity
  • Auto Black feature enhances the visibility of details in low contrast scenarios such as mist, fog, etc.
  • H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling, and multicasting capabilities resourcefully handle bandwidth and storage requirements, while offering high picture quality and resolution
  • Tri-stream video feature allows the camera to generate 2 independent H.264 streams and 1 M-JPEG stream at the same time
  • M-JPEG video stream offers easy coalition with other JPEG or M-JPEG-compatible video management systems
  • Motion+ video motion analysis system is an ideal solution for applications, where scrutiny of basic video content is required
  • Motion analysis algorithm functions on pixel change, and incorporates object size filtering capabilities and advanced tamper-detection capabilities
  • ONVIF compliant products can exchange live video, audio, metadata, and control information
  • Privacy Masking feature with 4 separate programmable privacy zones can be used to block specific parts of a scene
  • Supports password security with three 3 levels, 802.1x authentication using a rRadius
  • SensUp Dynamic feature improves the sensitivity by increasing the integration time up to 10 times on the CCD
  • Heater & Blower used to maintain the internal temperature of the unit
  • Sunshield protects the unit from direct sunlight
  • Power is supplied to the camera through PoE; hence the camera gets power from the network itself without any extra wiring for auxiliary power outlets
  • UPS (uninterruptible power source) with PoE to handle power failures
  • LensWizard detects lens type automatically and helps to maintain accurate lens focus
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) offers simple back focus adjustment and networking
  • IP66-rated weatherproof, vandal-resistant housing ensures uninterrupted surveillance in exposed and high-risk locations


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