Bosch KBN-498V28-20NV


Bosch KBN-498V28-20NV, ip indoor prepackaged, high resolution color camera, 2.8-11mm lens, 24vac 60hz, iva-prepared, Tri-streaming / IP66-rated

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CAT6- Pre-made cable

The Bosch KBN-498V28-20NV indoor IP day and night camera has a combination of NBN-498-22P Dinion2x day and night IP camera, an LTC 3664/40 varifocal lens and an LTC 9215/00S indoor and outdoor mount.

The NBN-498-22P Dinion2x IP camera delivers videos in 540 TV Lines horizontal resolution, thanks to the 1/3-inch color progressive scan CCD sensor and 20-bit image processor. The Auto Black function makes sure the video is in its top quality in low-contrast scenarios mist and fog while the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature adjusts the exposure level in both shadow and highlight areas to bring a balanced illumination to the footage. Even with an over-exposed background, the SmartBLC feature brings the best image output possible. The camera automatically switches from color to monochrome during night time for increasing sensitivity with its built-in IR filter.

The NBN-498-22P IP camera supports 802.1x authentication using a radius and three levels password security. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) uses multilevel image analysis of textures, pixels and object direction for perfect tracking. Four programmable zones within the camera’s field-of-view can be blocked through the privacy masking option. Features such as H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling and multicasting abilities save valuable bandwidth. The NBN-498-22P camera streams two independent H.264 streams and one M-JPEG stream.

The LTC 3664/40 varifocal lens has a focal length of 2.8 to 11 mm and belongs to the 1/3-inch image format. It supports maximum aperture stop to ensure perfectly illuminated footage even in dull lighting conditions and has DC-iris to control the amount of light entering the lens. Thanks to its robust construction, the lens is protected from physical damages.

The LTC 9215/00S indoor / outdoor mount has lightweight aluminum body with welded construction, which supports 360° swivel head rotation and 180° tilt for offering maximum flexibility to the camera. It has tubular feed-through design that hides all the wires within its body to prevent tampering. It supports a maximum weight of up to 20 lbs (9 kg).



  • 1/3" color progressive scan CCD sensor and PoE to deliver clear images at a horizontal resolution up to 540TVL
  • 20-bit image processing captures picture in both bright highlights and deep shadows at the same time
  • Wide Dynamic Range provides clear images even under backlight conditions where intensity of illumination varies excessively
  • Auto Black enhances the visibility of details in low contrast scenarios such as mist, fog, etc.
  • SmartBLC feature adjusts video gain to correct the exposure when the object being captured is in front of a bright light source
  • H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling, and multicasting capabilities resourcefully handle bandwidth and storage requirements, while offering high picture quality and resolution
  • Tri-stream video feature allows the camera to generate 2 independent H.264 streams and 1 M-JPEG stream at the same time
  • M-JPEG video stream offers easy coalition with other JPEG or M-JPEG-compatible video management systems
  • IVA (Intelligence Video Analysis) bases the IVA algorithm on digital imaging technology that uses multilevel image analysis of pixels, texture, and object direction
  • ONVIF compliant products can exchange live video, audio, metadata, and control information
  • Offers clear images even in low light conditions by increasing the IR sensitivity
  • Built-in IR filter automatically switches from color to monochrome either by sensing the illumination level or through the alarm input
  • Default Shutter enables the camera to capture high speed moving objects when sufficient light is available, and the shutter speed returns to default value under low-light conditions to maintain sensitivity
  • Privacy Masking with 4 separate programmable privacy zones can be used to block specific parts of a scene
  • Supports password security with 3 levels, 802.1x authentication using a radius
  • SensUp Dynamic improves the sensitivity by increasing the integration time up to 10 times on the CCD
  • IP66-rated weatherproof, vandal-resistant housing ensures uninterrupted surveillance in exposed and high-risk locations


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