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There are different kinds of security cameras available in the market which provides security to your premise. If you know the right way to choose the right camera for your home or office, you can stay in absolute peace. You can choose from a wide variety of cameras understanding your need, choice and preference as well. All the different products right from infra-red cameras to dome cameras, from pro box cameras to pan tilt zoom cameras, hidden cameras to bullet cameras have varied functionality and ability in performance. However, you can find dome and bullet cameras are used extensively.

Home Security camera

There is a wide range of variety in home security cameras as well. Though they come in different sizes, image resolution and quality, field of view, range of motion, the basic feature of all home security cameras is the same. It is to provide a clear video image of any event that happens within the viewing field of the camera. It also shows live action of events in real time. It can also record events now and show to you later on your monitor. There are few sophisticated cameras which users can monitor themselves and control them online as well.

Bullet Versus Dome Cameras

As far as the functionality of both the cameras, bullet and dome both have similar kind of functionality. You have to just decide on your requirement, choice and preference while selecting without too much worrying about their functionality. The main structural difference in both are that bullet cameras look more like a barrel of a gun protruding outward whereas, just like the name suggests, dome cameras have a dome like structure. Practically speaking, bullet cameras are best suited for outdoor security and dome cameras are ideal for any kind of indoor applications.

Range And Environment

When you are looking for the range of a camera and its view, bullet camera is best for long range viewing. As the size of the lens is limited due to the housing of the dome, it is thus ideal for indoor security. Well, there are exceptions always in everything. Similarly, you can also have some specific long range dome cameras as well. If you consider the environment and surroundings, dome cameras have more elegant design and can fit perfectly with your interior better than bullet camera which is on the other hand weather proof making them essential for outdoor security.

Different Type Of Operation

The operational technique of the two cameras can be categorized in overt and covert modes. As bullet cameras are more visible and obvious to all, it easily discourages vandalism making it an overt mode of operation unlike the dome cameras. Moreover, dome cameras are more covert as you cannot see the direction of the lens and what it is actually recording, making recording very inconspicuous. While bullet cameras are easy to install, dome cameras are more durable. So, when you want to buy the Best Outdoor Bullet Camera, do not think twice about the functionality or cost, but only on your necessity.

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