HD-SDI Hybrid Digital Video Recorder, Auto Select, 4 HDD Slots, Internal Storage Up to 12TB

Regular Price $ 2,121.70 incl.VATOn sale price $ 1,803.45 incl.VAT

The KVR-HD0214P is a high quality sixteen channel recorder that allows you to capture view of the targeted security situations in digital formats. It has been powered with various highly advanced software and Linux operating system to ensure quality recording. Unlike other recorders, this quality CCTV recorder has its own 8GB of expandable internal memory that can be extended up to 16TB with the help of external storage devices.

This dual stream recorder produces HDMI and VGA formats, due to which you can view the recorded footage in your iPhone and Android as well. It has powerful and highly responsive CMS mechanism that allows you to manage all the images locally and upload them on a by FTP without any hassles.


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