Lake Highland Assaults Highlight Need for Surveillance Cameras


Recent events in Dallas, Texas (our base of operations) have led many residents to reevaluate their own security needs. We here at 2MCCTV have seen a spike in security camera and alarm inquiries in the east Dallas area. The Lake Highlands area of Dallas has been under heightened police presence after the third victim of sexual assault in a three week time span was reported to police early Tuesday, March 19th. The assaults are prompting many residents to seek out security solutions for their own homes in droves. Lake Highlands does have a neighborhood watch in place, but in this case, the eyes of the community did not notice anything that would lead to a suspect. According to CBS Dallas, “Residents say despite having an active Neighborhood Watch program, they will be stepping up their efforts.”  2MCCTV actually did an article recently about taking your Neighborhood Watch to the next level. If even one resident had even a low quality image taken from a surveillance camera of a potential perpetrator, investigators would have a much more solid description to work with.

The first attack took place in late February and was followed up by two rapid, seemingly related, attacks this month. Sadly, none of the victims’ or their neighbors’ homes were equipped with any sort of surveillance equipment capable of assisting police in identifying a suspect. As of the most recent attack on March 19th, no viable leads on a suspect were available other than a couple of basic physical descriptions from the victims. If only one of those victims, or even somebody from the neighborhood, had a surveillance camera present, police would be much closer to identifying a viable suspect. Dallas Chief of Police David Brown went on record about the case saying there are,  “Two descriptions that are different, but it could be the same person just described by the victims differently… so two potential suspects out there”. Police have to face the obstacle of relying on a recently injured or at very least traumatized victim’s statements to try to point them in the right direction.  Cameras don’t get traumatized and always give investigators much more insight into who they should be looking for.

There is a steady, proven track record of home surveillance equipment being utilized to catch a suspect in a crime, as these recent articles illustrate. News websites are brimming with stories of criminals being caught by home or small business surveillance systems. Had one of the nearby homes been equipped with surveillance cameras, the perpetrator would likely be in custody.

Home monitoring systems are now much easier to use and more affordable than ever before.  They also have some great built-in features that have not always been common for homes.  For instance, many cameras allow the owner to use their smartphone as a monitor from any internet location in the world.  Remote viewing from your smartphone will allow you to check up on your residence at any time of the day.

One last point of emphasis is that security cameras on your home can actually be a preventative measure.  Criminals are far more likely to break into a house that does not have outside video surveillance installed.  Being proactive can protect not only the lives and well-being of one’s own family, but the whole neighborhood.

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