Connect Up To 16 Keypads, 32-Character Display, Plain-Language Display, Zone Status, System Status, Trouble Conditions, Event Buffer

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MAXSYS Programmable-Message LCD Keypad


The DSC LCD4501 is a MAXSYS system keypad with programmable message LCD display in a concealed keypad design. It provides a plain language interface using a large

32 character LCD display which is enables with adjustable brightness and contrast. It is connected to PC4010/4020 control panels via Combus, a 4-wire system communication bus that is both the communication channel and the power supply for the keypad.


Versatile hardware configuration

Up to 16 keypads, which can include any combination of LCD4500/4501 keypads, can be used in a system using this keypad. Also, the keypad can be assigned as global for system wide control, or as partition for operation of a specific partition only. The keypad is enrolled at the time of installation and its keys are individually enabled via programming.


Packs a punch

A two line, 32 character LCD display with adjustable contrast and brightness, display and keys backlit for low light viewing, individual LED indicators for Trouble, Armed, and Ready, piezo-buzzer for audible feedback of correct/incorrect key entries, entry/exit alert, and system trouble conditions all facilitate easy and comfortable operation at all times.


Functional features

The keypad features three dedicated keys for keypad activated alarms, and each key is individually enabled via programming where each key can be individually programmed to activate the bell output with a choice of steady or pulsing output or to activate the keypad buzzer to provide 3 beeps on a key press. Additionally, a keypad activated Duress code can be user code programmed in case of any alarm or threat. It also features five individual programmable function keys.



LCD4501 MAXSYS Programmable-Message LCD Keypad Features:


  • Connect up to 16 keypads
  • Large, backlit, 2-line, 32-character display
  • Plain-language display of zone status, system status, trouble conditions, event buffer, system instructions, date and time
  • Ready, Armed and Trouble LEDs
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • 4 keypad-activated alarms: Panic, Auxiliary, Fire and Duress
  • Backlight boost


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