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License plate recognition cameras have become a popular option for regulating certain areas where more information than general surveillance cameras can provide is required. In the past, license plate recognition, or LPR, cameras have had complex operation and limited support. However, with the Vivotek IB9387-LPR Standalone LPR Camera, license plate recognition is made easy and more effective than ever.  

Widely Supported Countries List

The Vivotek IB9387-LPR camera features built-in license plate recognition software and edge-computing capability. This creates a highly advanced package capable of capturing license plate information and analyzing it. Additionally, the camera supports license plates from over 70 countries from around the world, providing excellent compatibility for any license plate you may encounter. The LPR camera can also simultaneously identify multiple license plates from different countries or states. This efficiency helps keep traffic flowing smoothly while ensuring that the required information is captured.

Centralized List Management

The license plate recognition camera also incorporates centralized list management for parking lots, or similar locations, with multiple entry points. Users simply need to upload the list to a single master LPR camera and then all other LPR cameras will download the master list through the local network or Cloud server. This allows users to approve or deny vehicles for a wide variety of purposes to secure the location and prevent unwanted activity. This helps by reducing installation time and maintenance efforts, allowing for reliable surveillance.

Easily Integrated with 3rd Party Systems

Further, the Vivotek LPR camera offers various APIs to easily integrate with 3rd party surveillance systems by sending XML or JSON messages. The security camera can export LPR results and related events to alternate devices for additional monitoring and analysis. Moreover, the LPR camera converts license plates into Wiegand signals that can be deciphered by an access control system. This camera excels when used in conjunction with parking management systems, toll collection systems, video management systems or weighbridge management systems.

Wrap up

2MCCTV offers a wide variety of license plate recognition cameras including the Vivotek IB9387-LPR. License plate recognition systems don’t have to be a complex matter, there are simple options that provide effective detection. Give us a call today, we have an amazing team of experienced salesmen and technicians who would love to help you out with all of your surveillance needs.

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