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CCTV Lock Box | NVR Lockbox | 2MCCTV

Many times it is essential to keep your DVR recorder safe and away from unwanted tampering. We offer several heavy duty 16 gauge metal lock boxes for your protection. Each DVR lock box comes with a locking front door, durable powder coat finish, rubber bumper for scratch resistance and a fan to insure no overheating. We also offer vertical lock boxes to protect your PC against intruders wanting to turn off the computer or pull cables out of the ports.

As you know, protecting your property with surveillance equipment is important. So protecting your surveillance equipment is equally important. Allow our sales professionals to help protect your property and your equipment by calling 1-877-926-2288 for all your safety needs.
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  1. VLB DQ-21-21-8

    Videocassette Recorder Lockbox, Size 21" x 21" x 8", Includes Cooling Fan, Washable Filter, 16 Gauge Steel

    Model No : DQ-21-21-8
  2. VLB DQ-18-18-5

    DVR Lockbox with Fan, Size 18" x 18" x 5", 16 Gauge Steel, Includes Cooling Fan, Locking Front Door

    Model No : DQ-18-18-5
  3. VLB DQ-21-24-8

    Sruveillance DVR Lockbox with Cooling Fan, Size 21" x 24" x 8", Locking Front Door, Powdered Coat Finish

    Model No : DQ-21-24-8
  4. VLB DQ-21-24-13

    VCR/DVR Lockbox, Size 21" x 24" x 13", Locking Front Door, Cam Locks with Key, Includes Cooling Fan

    Model No : DQ-21-24-13
  5. DVR-NVR Lockbox with Fan

    Product Features:

    • Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
    • Locking Front Door
    • Cam Lock with 2 Keys
    • Durable Powdered Coat Finish
    • Easy Access Removable Lid
    • Fit Unit in 18" W x 18" L x 5" H
    • Rubber Bumpers for Scratch Protection

    Model No : 2M-18-18-5

    Regular Price: $98.53

    Special Price $59.12

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5 Item(s)

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