March’s Security Camera Roundup 4

Looks like it is time for another installment of the “Security Camera Review”! Since the last installment, quite a few amazing events have transpired that demand the attention of the industry.  All around the world, CCTV cameras catch some of the wildest, weirdest and sometimes tragic footage out there. Here is a few of the most profound CCTV videos that have surfaced this year. Without further a due, here are the worlds most interesting videos, captured on CCTV cameras around the world.

Giant Sinkhole Opens up in China:

China deals with a wealth of potential public safety hazards on a regular basis, not the least of which is sinkholes. This CCTV footage shows exactly how quick the ground can simply drop out from beneath us. One second everything is normal, the next a hole big enough to swallow a truck suddenly appears. Without this footage, authorities might not have known for sure that somebody got swallowed in the collapse.

Possible Teleportation!?

(Warning: most likely totally fake and horrible soundtrack)

Again in China, a startling surveillance video of a supposed teleporting ghost (you know, as opposed to the conventional variety)  allegedly runs out and saves a careless motorist who runs a red-light. The footage is of high enough quality to allow it to be slowed down enough to see how events transpired. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments section. My money is on one of the commentor’s theories; that this is a video game viral marketing trailer. You never know though…

Smooth Criminal:

I don’t know who I should compliment/admonish first; the guy who paid zero attention while a thief stole his laptop from arms length away, or this smooth devil who did the taking. The action starts around the  1:49 mark. You can see in the upper right hand corner of the video feed, a group of three people having a chat. The culprit takes a seat next to the guy who has his backpack, containing his laptop, right next to him. The sly devil inches the bag away from its owner, and within 30 seconds has nabbed the computer and is on his merry way. The footage is from last year, but new to us here stateside.

A Very Compelling Reason to Own a Home Surveillance System:

(Warning: Annoying music, and chatty intro. Oh yeah, scantily clad woman, too)

The high quality of this video leads many to think it is staged, but nope, that kind of resolution is totally a reality. If this video itself is not enough evidence that the purchase of a CCTV system is totally worth it, I don’t know what to tell you. A man has hired a house sitter. The house sitter is pretty dang easy on the eyes. In the course of her duties, she decides to disrobe in the kitchen (don’t act like you haven’t done that too) and slowly make her way to the laundry room. Everything is pretty entertaining until you get to the part where she starts sniffing dirty clothes. CCTV systems don’t catch just crime in progress! (unless you consider her not being my house sitter a crime, which I do).

Residents Troll CCTV System:

(Warning: Starts at around  the 1:00 mark, horrible soundtrack)

In England, the proliferation of government CCTV cameras is often seen as intrusive to the public. One neighborhood had enough, and residents set out to hilariously troll the law enforcement officers monitoring the feed. He dresses up in an alien costume and wonders onto a roundabout that is plastered with CCTV cameras. The police are quick to respond to a “guy dressed weird and walking around”, and swiftly put a stop to the non-threat. In the video, you can see the lengths the residents go to not only dress this guy up, but also run a counter-surveillance operation to capture the incident on their own surveillance equipment.

Serial Bum Sniffer Strikes Again:

Okay, now stop laughing. In British mega grocer Tesco, a serious problem has been plaguing customers. Authorities utilize the CCTV system to finally catch the serial “bum sniffer” in action. I will admit, this one is from 2009, but recently went viral due to the absolutely hilarious nature of his attacks. In the video we can see the as of yet unidentified assailant meandering about in the isle before he nonchalantly bends down and… well, just watch. From what information is available, this man is still at large and out sniffing bums. So watch your… back.

Assassination Suspect Caught on Film:

(Warning: Non-graphic Violence):

Here we have the perpetrators of a high profile assassination fleeing the scene. The gunman is seen on camera attempting to leave the building where he had just shot dead Indian politician Deepak Bharadwaj. At the time of this post (two days after the event), the suspects remain as of yet unidentified and on the run. The gunman can be seen holding a gun on the security guard and making him open the gate (you had one job security guy!). This is an example of how a CCTV system can be invaluable to police when a crime occurs. The security guard (at the time, the only known witness) who let the suspects flee, had no reliable description of the gunman. At least with this footage, there is a chance of bringing the killer to justice.

Expert Pickpockets Nab a Bag of Gems:

A man, for some reason that I can only assume is insanity, decided to carry his 100,000 Rupees worth of gems onto a crowded bus. The gems, Worth roughly $1842.30 can be seen in the bag he is brandishing like a picture of his grandkids. It may not seem like a large sum of money, but India’s annual average income is about $1,200. The world’s worst gem dealer then decides to sit in the handicapped seating, only to have a thief  posing as a blind man, sit on his lap, then ask to have his seat. He acquiesces and stands in the isle, only to have his bag slyly cut by the supposedly blind man’s accomplice. The thieves then get off at the next stop, with over a years worth of pay.  The look on the victim’s face is almost heart breaking.

Russian Meteorite Impact Captured on CCTV Cameras:

Recently, a very highly publicized meteorite impact that caught people in that country by surprise went viral on the internet. There is no shortage of these videos floating around the ‘net, but this one in particular really highlights how useful CCTV systems can be. Not only are they arguably essential for the business or home themselves, but sometimes they can capture footage that revolutionizes science. In this video, we see an interior shot of a building near the impact site. The impact frightens a couple of office workers, but completely blows a loading dock door out of its frame. This video serves to illustrate that only one camera might not give the full story.

Japanese Ghost Walks Through Walls/ Exists Two Places at Once:

(Audio Warning: Spooky soundtrack) Once again, I cannot verify that this is undoctored footage, due to no time stamp or watermark being present (which wouldn’t hold up in court). Regardless, it is really spooky. It would seem that this “ghost” is both existing at two places at once, and that one instance of this ghost walks right through a wall. If there was a timestamp present in this camera’s feed, it would likely show that it was not synchronized with all channels properly, or that ghosts actually exist! The former being the most likely scenario.

There you have it, ten more reasons that it might behoove you to have a CCTV system. You never know when you might fall into a sinkhole, get robbed, get haunted or terrorized by an attractive co-ed you hired to watch your house. The benefit being, at the very least, you will get a pretty entertaining viral video; but beyond that you might be able to catch somebody who has committed a crime against you or anybody else. Your footage could finally crack the case of the Bum-sniffer (you never know)!


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