Maximum Access Control Solution

What is the Problem?

Correctional facilities like prisons or jails require high security because they can house hundreds to thousands of dangerous criminals. Without the proper security measures, these facilities can face issues such as:

  • Prisoners escaping
  • Visitors gaining entry without proper clearance, potentially smuggling in contraband or dangerous items
  • Inmates getting unauthorized access to restricted areas like armory rooms, medical areas, etc.
  • Theft of equipment or assets by officers with no trace of accountability 

Proposed Solution

Full-Height Face Recognition Access Control Turnstiles

Correctional facilities can easily control access and monitor movement throughout the premises with face recognition turnstiles. These turnstiles will keep out unauthorized individuals and only give access to those who are registered in the face recognition system.


Maximum Security

Turnstiles are full-height to prevent gate hopping and tailgating to ensure only authorized personnel pass through.


Face recognition system is able to recognize the registration of 10,000 personnel and can be integrated with existing keycard access controls.

Tracks Movement

System will record the date, time, and person who used the turnstile to track movement and access throughout the facility.

Scans Temperature

Turnstiles are also able to scan temperature to screen out individuals with high body temperatures to minimize the spread of infection.

Mask Detection

System can also detect mask usage to reduce the risk of infection and promote a safer environment for staff and inmates.

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