Edge Based Intelligent Video Analytics, Enterprise Upgrade for Pro, Superior Alarm Handling, with Alarm Priorities, Selectable User Group Distribution, Mobile Video Client for Live

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The BOSCH MBV-FEUP-40 Video Management system presents a complete solution to the surveillance of digital video, audio and other data. A brilliant client server enterprise design with all-system functionality makes it ideal for use. It features mobile video service software to connect with mobile clients like iPad, iPhone or other Apps from Appstore. Apart from mobile video service, it contains many other software components which work together on single PC or separate PCs for large systems. At the core of the system is Video Recording Manager(VRM), that controls the system's functionality to a great extent.

The VRM develops an abstract layer which allows for an intelligent allocation of individual disk arrays in the system. Besides system integration and task scheduling, the VMS also provides efficient customization and interfacing. CameoSDK allows easy integration into third party PSIM and other management systems.


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