Superior Alarm Handling, Alarm Priorities Selectable, User Group Distribution, Mobile Video Client for Live Playback, Edge Based Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Forensic Search

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This BOSCH MBV-XDVR-40 Video management system is designed to work with Bosch CCTV products as a part of total video security management. It features multi-site-single-customer enterprise with individually configured servers and up to 10000 cameras. It requires Microsoft Windows Operating System which can be any one from Windows 2008 SP1, Windows 2003 SP2 or Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate SP1.

The system works best with Bosch workstations and servers that are thoroughly tested and optimized for video management. It can manage 2000 IP cameras per management server. An abstraction layer created by Virtual Recording Manager enables it to manage all individual disk arrays in the entire system as a common pool of storage which is intelligently allocated as required. This in turn, offers high scalability.

The system also features configurable logical trees, CCTV keyboard support and flexible image panes. This LDAP compatible system also assigns user group priority for PTZ control and Allegiant camera access. This reliable system requires a minimum a 2GB RAM and has a resolution of 1024p x 768p or greater.


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