Enterprise Subsystem Expansion, Superior Alarm Handling, Alarm Priorities, Selectable User Group Distribution, Mobile Video Client for Live, Edge Based intelligent Video Analytics, forensic Search

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The BOSCH MBV-XSUB-40 video management system is an enterprise class client server system that combines various components which together manage, monitor and control the digital data in a system. It comes with workstations, subsystems, CCTV keyboard support and enterprise management server.

The operator client can access multiple management servers at a time. CCTV keyboard, which is connected to either workstation or IP decoder allows you to select the desired management server. Up to 10 individually configured subsystems provide flexibility to the design of this Bosch VMS and allows for a multi-site-multi-customer enterprise.

The image panes with drag and drop facility create Automatic Sequences with individual dwell times. Any live pane can be switched to instant playback. A Video Recording Manager is the heart of the system and works to offer higher scalability. It manages recording and playback of digital video, audio or other data. It also provides load balancing and failover for iSCSI system for additional storage. The system is ideal for many industries like metro or airport


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