Bosch MIC-CABLE-10M Rugged Cable for MIC Series 10 m (32 ft.) Shielded, Supports optional, user-installed Bosch Ethernet

Regular Price $ 162.38 incl.VATOn sale price $ 138.02 incl.VAT

The Bosch MIC-CABLE-10M shielded composite cable transfers power, data and video over to devices. It is made to use with MIC series cameras such as MIC550 / MIC550IR / MIC612 and Power Supply Units (PSU). This rugged shielded cable measure 10 meters in length.




  • MIC power supply with IVA-enabled, integrated Bosch IP technology provides video and control over IP for MIC550, MIC550IR, and MIC612 cameras
  • Easy-to-install, IP67-rated enclosure has high tolerance to vibration/shock for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Supports optional, user-installed Bosch Ethernet
  • surveillance cameras; security cameras; screens LCD


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