Bosch MIC-CABLE-25M Rugged Cable for MIC Series 25 m (82 ft.) Shielded, Supports optional, user-installed Bosch Ethernet

Regular Price $ 239.70 incl.VATOn sale price $ 203.75 incl.VAT

The Bosch MIC-CABLE-25M composite shielded cable is suitable for MIC series Power Supply Units (PSU) and cameras such as MIC550, MIC550IR and MIC612. It can be used to transmit power, data and video. This rugged shielded cable measure 25 meters in length.




  • MIC power supply with IVA-enabled, integrated Bosch IP technology provides video and control over IP for MIC550, MIC550IR, and MIC612 cameras
  • Easy-to-install, IP67-rated enclosure has high tolerance to vibration/shock for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Supports optional, user-installed Bosch Ethernet
  • surveillance cameras; security cameras; screens LCD


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