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  1. Milestone XPPCL

    XProtect Professional 8.0 Camera License,Compatible w/ 839 IP Cameras,25000 Customer Installations, Flexible Remote Access, Tailored for IT Environments
  2. Milestone XPPBL

    • XProtect Professional 8.0 Base License
    • Compatible w/ 839 IP Cameras
    • 25000 Customer Installations
    • Flexible Remote Access
    • Tailored for IT Environments
  3. Milestone HM305321N10010

    10 Channels, 2TB Installed HDD, Up to 2048x1536 Recording Resolutions, Auto Device, Detection and Configuration, 3rd-Party Analytics Application Support
  4. Milestone HM305141N10010

    10 Channels, 4TB Installed HDD, Per-Channel, Recording Settings Schedules, Up to 2048x1536, Recording Resolutions,Auto Device Detection and Configuration
  5. Milestone XPCOBT

    • Multi-server and multi-site IP video solution
    • Unlimited number of Recording Servers
    • Unlimited number of Fail-over Servers
    • Multicast
    • Multi-streaming
    • Network scanning and device model detection
    • NOTE! Option available for Camera License per camera
  6. Milestone HM305341N10020

    20 Channels, 4TB Installed HDD, Up to 2048x1536, Recording Resolutions, Auto Device Detection, Configuration
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6 Item(s)

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