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When the topic of security or video surveillance is brought up, most people typically think about their presence in homes and banks. Although video surveillance is usually found in these places, it is not just for buildings and stationary areas anymore. Now, security cameras can be placed anywhere, even in cars and trucks. How is this possible? Vehicle surveillance is done with the help of mobile DVRs.

Mobile DVRs

If you don’t already know what a DVR is, it’s just a device that stores and processes all of the video recordings from security cameras. A DVR is needed in order to process the video from the camera or else the camera would be useless. In a way, the camera could be like the eye and the DVR is the brain that makes sense of what they eye is seeing. Without a DVR, there will be nowhere for the video recording to go.

Mobile DVRs are DVRs that are designed especially for vehicle surveillance. A regular DVR cannot be used in vehicles because they require a reliable power supply with steady voltage. These DVRs use 12V but in vehicles, the voltage can fluctuate from 8V to 36V due to braking or engine start-up. Due to this, mobile DVRs are used for vehicle surveillance because they can handle the unstable voltage.

In addition to having changing voltage, vehicles have a problematic environment for regular DVRs. Since vehicles are constantly moving, they are prone to dust and vibration. Dust can get into ports which affect performance and vibrations can lead to mechanical failure. Not only that, vehicles can be exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause the device to overheat or freeze. To allow vehicle surveillance, mobile DVRs are constructed with special material to combat these issues.

But besides mobile DVRs being designed for vehicle environments, they can be equipped with a GPS for tracking purposes. With this, people would be able to track where the vehicle is and see what speed they are going.

Why Is Vehicle Surveillance Needed?

The question you may be asking is, why use mobile DVRs? In other words, why would you even need vehicle surveillance? The biggest reason for vehicle surveillance is for theft. If someone has a mobile DVR, they’ll have a recording available for evidence in case their car was broken into. In addition, many businesses like banks and jewelry stores use mobile DVRs in their vehicles that are transporting valuable items.

Another use for vehicle surveillance would be to record any incidents that may occur. For example, police cars need to transport dangerous criminals and a mobile DVR would be useful in case they get attacked or someone escapes. In addition, emergency vehicles would need to keep a record of everything in case they get accused of medical negligence.

Vehicle surveillance is also being used for fleet management. Companies that require a lot of vehicles use vehicle surveillance to monitor their employees and goods. For example, trucks that are used to deliver goods to a supermarket use this so the company will know where the truck is and if they will be arriving on time. It’s also useful if their truck gets into an accident and they need to prove that they weren’t speeding. School buses can also utilize this to locate students in case they go off route or get lost.

Wrap Up

Mobile DVRs are extremely useful because they allow vehicle surveillance to be possible. By having vehicle surveillance, you can have all of the benefits of a regular security system, but in a small moving space.

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