Mobotix MX-S14D-SEC


Supports up to 6 MP, 4096 x 1536 Software Zoom, Each Image Format Freely Definable, Virtual PTZ, Internal DVR via Flash

Regular Price $ 1,353.05 incl.VATOn sale price $ 1,150.09 incl.VAT

The MOBOTIX MX-S14D-SEC FlexMount Core allows you to attach up to 2 lens units with integrated microphones using a 6.56° (2 m) long connector cable to the camera housing. Two horizontally or vertically adjacent rooms can be completely recorded with just one camera.

The Hi-Res S14D FlexMount is a universally deployable and easily concealable camera system with a powerful micro processor being able to transmit and record 2 sensor images simultaneously with a highly detailed resolution of up to 2 x 3 MP.

The S14D supports up to 2 hemispheric sensor modules, each with a horizontal viewing angle of 180°. This way, 2 entirely separate spaces°next to or on top of each other, indoors or outdoors°can be monitored simultaneously using just one camera.

Two ultra-compact sensor modules can be connected with the housing via 2 sensor cables, each up to 6.56" (2 m) long.


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