Mobotix MX-S14M-SEC-NIGHT-N11


1280 x 960 Resolution, 1 MP Sensor N11 Lens, Each Image Format Freely Definable, Virtual PTZ / Bi-Directional Audio, Internal DVR via Flash

Regular Price $ 1,568.86 incl.VATOn sale price $ 1,333.53 incl.VAT

The Mobotix MX-V12D-Sec-Night-N43N43 is an indoor megapixel vandalism-protected camera for corner mounting including power supply and 2 lenses. It includes 2 night (black and white) wide angle 43mm lens.

The Mobotix Vandalism V12 Camera offers protection against vandalism and is designed for use in extreme situations. This camera is equipped with 20 LEDs making it an ideal choice for any task. The stainless steel housing also safeguards this camera from handgun shots, making it bullet proof. It is designed for use in extreme situations.

It features two image sensors for day and night operation for perfect video, while 3 lens positions provides high resolution video recording. It is maintenance free and fail-safe with no mechanical moving parts.


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