MiniUSB Interface, for Extensions, HiRes 3 MP Double Image, MxBus Interface for Additional Modules, PoE Class Adjustable & Variable, High Frame Rates up to 30 fps

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The MOBOTIX MXD14 DI SEC-D NIGHTD32N32F Camera (2 32mm Lenses) makes for an efficient security solution. This camera has two L32 lenses plus efficient day/night image sensors

The High Performance Surveillance Camera
One can secure two different areas with just one camera, all without vulnerable mechanical components. The D14D camera features enormous processing power as well as excellent true-color images during the day, and sensitive night images in dark environments. Also, the mounting is easier and secure. The day and night lenses are already pre-installed at the Mobotix factory on a special DNight lens bridge, which ensures that they are positioned exactly parallel to one another.

A Complete Surveillance Solution
The D14D camera comes with a shock detector as a standard feature. This camera is very tough, not only because it has no mechanical moving parts, but it remains fully operational even if it is subjected to strong vibrations. The complete software with recording and playback functions is included in the D14 and can be accessed by using a web browser.


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