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As humans we see life through one pair of lenses, our eyes.  Because of that we think of every memory as a one shot movie where the action is always in front center.  For most of our electronics that mentality works well.  Digital cameras and camcorders are held in front of our faces to capture the scenery through our point of view.  We cannot do that with CCTV cameras.  While there are cameras that can Pan, Tilt, and Zoom at a controller’s request, most surveillance cameras are still and focused on one area.  Many times people want just a single camera to tell the entire story of an incident.  Multi-camera surveillance is the only way to capture the whole story.


Single Camera Surveillance – Corner

Imagine a store is robbed.  One camera is placed in the corner to view the entire store.  It may capture the actions of the robber, but it will not have enough resolution to get a positive ID.  It may show that the person was wearing a red shirt and a hat, but so will the eye witness statement from the cashier.  It will do nothing to help find and prosecute a criminal.

Single Surveillance Camera Corner
One surveillance camera capturing footage from the corner

Single Camera Surveillance – Front Door

Now we take the same camera and we position it to have a tight shot around the front door in order to get better facial picture for the police.  If the same robbery took place the surveillance camera would not see the action like multiple cameras would, but it would get a good picture to help identify the robber.  In that case the police would have the statement from the witness and a usable picture.  So what’s the point?

Single Surveillance Camera Front Door
One surveillance camera capturing footage of the front door

Multi Camera Surveillance

Use multiple cameras to tell one story.  I will use the same example.  A robber walks in and a camera gets a tight shot of his face.  Switch to camera two which will show the action of the event.  Then to camera three that is outside to show the robber running to the car.  Lastly turn to camera four showing a different angle of the car and where it was going.  Alone these clips are weak, but together they tell the story of an event and give details that a single camera never could.

Multi Camera Surveillance
Multiple camera surveillance to capture the whole story

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  1. You have made some most important points on CCTV camera surveillance. I hope this piece of writing will surely make people aware of CCTV monitoring and most poplar types of CCTV camera surveillance that I think will help in taking their advantages.

  2. This is a good piece about CCTV. thanks so much.

  3. I do agree that it’s best to have multiple camera surveillance in place but I don’t think it’s practical for many small businesses that may just be using a single camera as a deterrent.

  4. I am ned a smal camera for room but i dont wont that somebody can to see this is camera do you have ?


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