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Shoppers get excited when they find a ‘2-for-1’ deal on their favorite products so why not do the same thing when building your home or office security system and get several cameras in a single ‘house’.

The top manufacturers of surveillance equipment offer a range of hardware and accessories to help build a comprehensive system that will deter criminals and provide quality images for reference and evidence.

The panoramic IP camera  is designed to give a 180 or 360 degree view of the area by combining several cameras within a single container to act as one. Through the use of state of the art technology the images are put together to create a seamless stream of video that is stored on the DVR or monitored via the TV screen.

When shopping for a surveillance security system it is important to work with manufacturers that are highly rated for quality, customer service and pricing. Packages are the easiest way to purchase everything you need to get started without having to buy the items individually which will be more expensive. Customer care representatives can assist in making recommendations on which package is right for your location once they have asked a few questions and understand your expectations and requirements. This process ensure that clients receive exactly what they need at the best price possible and installation can be accomplished by a local technician or yourself if you have the skills.

Seeing the ‘whole’ picture is important when it comes to keeping track of what is going on when you are not home or the office is closed which is why the panoramic IP camera is a great purchase. For further information on this equipment, check out the manufacturer’s website and read the product description before making any final decisions on what to purchase. For any questions call the reps and let them know what you need to move the process forward and get your location covered and protected as quickly as possible. This is one investment where saving money is helpful as long as there is no sacrifice in quality of product or image.

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