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When creating their CCTV system, many people remember the camera and some remember the DVR, but most forget the other accessories you need; but what else do you need for your surveillance system? I’ll go through the must have accessories for your CCTV security system and give you the run down on what they do. Some are a requirement and some improve system functionality, but all are worth taking a closer look into.

Cable and Wire

The first accessory you must have for your surveillance system is proper cabling and wiring. Cables allow your CCTV system to operate, connecting your security cameras with your DVR. Proper quality cabling is important as it is the glue that holds the whole system together. Cheap cabling can cause system failures and image quality issues. There are also different kinds of wiring and certain systems require a specific type of cable, so be sure to buy the correct cable for your CCTV system.


Another must have accessory to complement your CCTV security system are connectors. These are installed on the ends of cables and allow them to connect to the desired device. There are various types of connectors and different varieties within those types. Most of them provide the same function however, you will want to make sure to buy the correct connectors that match your surveillance devices.

Battery Packs or Power Supplies

A CCTV power supply provides the energy for your security system to function. The most common CCTV power supplies are 12V DC and 24V AC. Power adapters are also a useful tool to help limit the power sent to your devices to keep them from burning out the circuit board (as would happen if you connected a 12v security camera to a 24v power supply). Some smaller cameras run off of internal battery packs as well, allowing them to power themselves, often to minimize wiring required for install.

Ground Loop Isolators

Ground loop isolators are useful devices that help reduce ground loop interference, improving your video signal and quality. They can easily be installed in existing systems and are especially useful where signal is transmitted through cable between ends that have different ground potentials. These differences in potentials are typically due to unbalanced loads in power lines and can disrupt your CCTV signal.

Camera Housings

You will also want to take a look at some camera housings, these become especially important when installing cameras outside. Housings help protect your cameras from the environment, this is mostly done to make indoor cameras waterproof so they can be used outdoors. Some housings can even help regulate the temperature of your camera through the use of fans or heaters.

Mounting Brackets

You’re also going to need mounting brackets in order to mount your surveillance cameras to walls or on the ceiling. They can also be used for mounting monitors to view your security cameras, whether you display that publicly or privately. Mounting brackets can come in various sizes and styles according to the device they are mounting and intended positioning.

Surge Protectors

Another must have CCTV accessory for your security system are surge protectors. These devices help protect your security system in case of electrical surges or fluctuations. Any spikes in electricity will be contained in the surge protector instead of being carried through your wires. The last thing you want is to spend the time installing a high end security system only to have it brought down by a storm.

Wrap up

If you feel overwhelmed, or simply would like help installing or updating a CCTV security system, 2M Technology is here to help. We have a team of highly trained and certified installers, technician and salesmen who would be happy to help with all of your security needs. Give us a call at 877-926-2288 or come on by our storefront and we’ll get your surveillance needs properly squared away.

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