Vivotek ND8401


VAST Inside HD Local Display, Full Integration with Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder, Windows 7 Embedded, Dual-Core Intel Processor, Standalone Desktop NVR Design

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The Vivotek ND8401 is a Dual-core Atom Processor network video recorder. It records maximum resolution with an electrifying speed of 96 Mbps. It is offered with the support of RAID 0/1/5/10, four HDDs and an external eSATA port that offer a perfect solution for local storage area expansion. This recorder is coupled with cutting-edge technologies that makes it complaint with iViewer application that offers remote access to the user and offers you fully-featured surveillance system for high alert areas. 
Moreover, this 16-channel network recorder allows you to line multiple cameras for multi-viewing. You can install a "Shepherd" program in the host system and can replicate all the same configurations into other cameras. It prevents you from the manual hassles of setting each and every camera.
This desktop type NVR series unit features a port for local display output that supports all the HD resolutions (1920X1080) and does away with the need of additional PC installation for viewing HD video. You can easily configure IP, HDD, and other basic camera settings with its setup wizard and integrate it with other devices. 
The ND8401 comes pre-installed with the VAST professional software of the Vivotek. It supports performance tuning, LiveClient and Playback programs and many other applications to provide effective and easy to manage surveillance system. It also includes an Activity Adaptive Recording that customize your recordings without hampering their quality and saves bandwidth.


Software  Hardware
Windows 7 Embedded
Dual-Core Intel® Processor
Standalone Desktop NVR Design
Full HD Local Display
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 Storage Solution
4 x HDD Tray, Max. 12TB
2 x Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet Port
6 x USB Port
External eSATA Interface
Size: 204 mm (W) x 330 mm (D) x 215 mm (H)
 Easy Installation and Configuration (Shepherd/Setup Wizard)
 VAST Inside (LiveClient/Playback)
 16-CH Live View & 1-CH Playback
 H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG
 Multiple Recording Types & Event Trigger Sources
 Multiple Video Search Modes
 Supported by VAST Central Management Software
 Full Integration with VIVOTEK Network Cameras
 VIVOTEK iViewer Support (iOS/Android)



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