Excellent Low-Light Performance, 1MP Flexidome Starlight HD IP Dome, 3.8-13mm Varifocal Lens, Intelligent Noise Reduction Reduces Bandwidth, Storage Requirements

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Bosch NDN-733V03-IP FlexiDome Starlight Ruggedized HD IP Dome Camera with IVA is an industry best with superior day/night performance and intelligent video analysis for next generation edge-based detection IP camera systems. The Bosch FlexiDome Starlight delivers incredible low light images in superior detail in full 720P HD including ultra-high frame rates of 60fps. Utilizing multi-streaming and high quality video codecs like H.264 or MJPEG the FlexiDome HD Dome starlight provides optimized video streaming. 
The Camera utilizes highly advanced image processing with iDNR (intelligent digital noise reduction) and C-Bit (content-based image technology) for absolute video clarity. The Cameras provide amazing Day/Night performance with low light IP surveillance below 0.01 lux in Color and 0.005 Lux in Monochrome. It provides clear images 24/7 even at night or under low-light conditions.


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