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Setting up or sprucing up your surveillance system can be a cinch when you have the necessary accessories. View your security system footage from anywhere when you have a powerful network at your fingertips. From Ethernet Switches that allow you to create more internet drops within your space to Power over Ethernet switches which allow you to power your cameras through the already existing Ethernet connection, you will find the quality network accessories you need in order to get the job done. Expanding your system is easy with the great selection of powerful routers, wireless devices, KVM switches, and IP video encoders. If you need assistance call the 2MCCTV experienced staff.

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  1. 24 Ports PoE Fast Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

    24 Ports PoEFast Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

    Model No : 2M-SW-24TP

    Regular Price: $652.23

    Special Price $456.56

  2. 16 Ports PoE Fast Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

    16 Ports PoE Fast Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

    Model No : 2M-SW-16TP

    Regular Price: $564.77

    Special Price $395.34

  3. 2M Technology 2M-701-PD/at Single Channel PoE Injector

    • Power Supply: Compatible with mode A (End-Span) and mode B(Mid-Span)
    • Standard: IEEE 802.3 af, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
    • Power Output: DC5V, DC9V, DC12V optional
    • Appearance and Structure: Compact size, easily install
    • Operation: Plug and play, no need settings.

    Model No : 2M-701-PD/at

    Regular Price: $43.33

    Special Price $30.33

  4. Bosch VIP-X1XF-E

    Bosch VIP-X1XF-E, 1-channel encoder, h.264 dual-streaming, sd card slot, excl. psu (without fpga for vca), Multicast and Internet streaming

    Model No : VIP-X1XF-E
  5. GeoVision GV-PA200

    GV-PA200 Signage Player (Black/US) (up to 720p video resolution, AV, VGA and HDMI video output)

    Model No : 89-PC00B1-10AB

    Regular Price: $196.00

    Special Price $156.80

  6. SECO-LARM MVD-V1201-1Q

    SECO-LARM MVD-V1201-1Q Active VGA Extender over Cat5e/6 with Audio, 1-in 2-out. Allows for one local station and one remote station., Works with monitors, projectors, HDTV and flat panel screens

    Model No : MVD-V1201-1Q
  7. Honeywell HVE1

    Honeywell HVE1, 1-Channel, Audio/Video Encoder, NTSC, 12 V DC or Power over Ethernet

    Model No : HVE1
  8. Bosch VJT-XTCXF

    Bosch VJT-XTCXF, videojet xtc xf, h.264 4 channel video transcoder; provides 2 independent transcoded streams; includes psu, Dynamic Transcoding

    Model No : VJT-XTCXF

    BOSCH VideoJet X20/X40 Video Encoder, 40 GB Hard Disk ,Ruggedized for extended environmental conditions, High-quality MPEG‑4 video over IP, Units with two; or four video inputs, Options Available

    Model No : VJT-X20XF
  10. Bosch VIP-X1XF

    Bosch VIP-X1XF, 1-channel encoder, h.264 dual-streaming, sd card slot, vca ready, excl. psu, Multicast and Internet streaming

    Model No : VIP-X1XF
  11. Altronix EBRIDGE1CT

    Altronix EBRIDGE1CT IP over Coax Transceiver, eBridge1CT is a CAT5 to Coax cable Ethernet adapter

    Model No : EBRIDGE1CT

    Regular Price: $99.56

    Special Price $79.65

  12. Altronix EBRIDGE1PCT

    Altronix EBRIDGE1PCT IP and PoE over Coax Transceiver

    Model No : EBRIDGE1PCT

    Regular Price: $118.95

    Special Price $95.16

  13. Sony SNTEX104

    Visibility Enhancer, Tone Correction, Technology XDNR, Dynamic Noise, Reduction DFI, Dynamic Frame Integration, H.264, MPEG4, JPEG Codecs 30 fps Dual stream Capability Intelligent Motion Detection Video Motion Filter Tampering Alarm Advanced Audio Detection = X ver1.1 4 IP Adresses ONVIF IPv6 PTZ Control vis RS485 Coaxitron Local Storage Bi-directional Audio Voice Alert

    Model No : SNT-EX104
  14. BOSCH VIP-X1600-PS

    Modular and Expandable, Hot Swappable Video Modules, 16 Video Input/Output Channels

    Model No : VIP-X1600-PS
  15. BOSCH VIP-X1600-XFM4A

    Redundant Power Supply, Video Input/output Channels, Modular Expandable, with Hot-Swappable Video Modules, Direct Or Network-Attached iSCSI RAID 5, Dual Streaming for High Storage Efficiency, Up to 30 fps at 4CIF/D1

    Model No : VIP-X1600-XFM4A
  16. ACTi V11

    1-Channel, 960H/D1, H.264, Mini Video Encoder, Video motion detection, 1 terminal block, Audio-In, and 1 terminal block, Audio-Out

    Model No : V11
  17. Hikvision DS-6408HDI-T

    High Definition Decoder, Hikvision MPEG2, MPEG4 video stream supported, High Performance DSP Hardware Decompression, Decode Video Stream at Up to 5MP Resolution, VGA and BNC Interfaces Provided, for Decoding Output, Video Wall with

    Model No : DS-6408HDI-T
  18. Hikvision DS-6404HDI-T

    Decode Video Stream, Up to 5MP Resolution, High Definition Decoder, Hikvision H.264, Standard H.264, MPEG2 and MPEG4 Video Stream Supported, High Performance DSP Hardware Decompression, HDMI

    Model No : DS-6404HDI-T
  19. Hikvision DS-6401HDI

    High Performance DSP Hardware Decompression, Decoding Capability, 1-Ch Video High Definition Decoder, Stream at, HD1080p(1920x1080) Resolution, 2-Ch Video, Streams

    Model No : DS-6401HDI
  20. Hikvision DS-6701HWI

    Video Encoder H.264/MPEG4/MPEG2/MJPEG, Encoding Standards Supported, 4CIF Real-time Encoding, One PoE Network Interface

    Model No : DS-6701HWI

    High-Quality H.264 Video Over IPV4, Bandwidth-Friendly Adaptive, Bit Rate Encoding, Transcoding at the Edge for Remote Replay, Network-Attached Raid Storage Via iSCSI, Local Recording

    Model No : VJT-X20XF-E
  22. BOSCH VJD-3000

    Decoding in Single View, Quad-View Option for SD Video Up To 960h, Hdmi or Composite Video Output, Bi-Directional Audio and Keyboard Support, Alarm Inputs and Relay Output

    Model No : VJD-3000
  23. BOSCH VIP-X1600-XFM4B

    16 Video Input/Output Channels, Modular Expandable, Hot-Swappable Video Modules, Direct or Network-Attached Iscsi Raid 5, Dual Streaming for High Storage Efficiency, 30 FPS at 4cif/D1, Redundant Power Supply

    Model No : VIP-X1600-XFM4B
  24. BOSCH VIP-X1600-XFB

    Up to 16 video Input/Output Channels, Modular Expandable with Hot-Swappable, Video Modules Direct, Network-Attached iSCSI RAID 5, Dual Streaming for High Storage Efficiency, Up to 30 fps at 4CIF/D1, Redundant Power Supply

    Model No : VIP-X1600-XFB
  25. BOSCH VIP-X1600-B

    2 Ethernet Ports, High Transfer Rate, Switch Functionality, Install Up to 4 Standalone Modules, Connect Up to 2 Power Supply Units

    Model No : VIP-X1600-B
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