Using advanced software technology, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for CCTV convert captured images from IP security cameras into a digital storage medium, such as a hard disk drive (HDD). The main difference between a digital video recorder (DVR) and a NVR is the NVRs completely employs software to capture video, while DVRs must use a capture card to capture video. The setup for network video recorders requires placing it within a network that is connected to the cameras and other security devices, such as alarm sensors.

Network video recorders (NVR) for CCTV are software based making them versatile, expanding an existing security system is quick and easy. This gives NVRs a distinct advantage in the capability to upgrade and add more cameras to the network recorders. To expand a surveillance system with NVRs, you just need enough camera licenses for each new camera and then simply connect the new IP camera to the network.

If setting up and installing a security system with our security NVRs sounds a bit too complicated of a project to tackle on your own, give our trained technical support team a call at 1-877-926-2288

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