8 Camera Surveillance System

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The four new security systems packages being introduced range from Home Surveillance Systems to Enterprise Business Surveillance systems. The systems begin with four-camera security setups and goes to a 32 camera setup. All of the cameras are designed and tested by experienced technicians for optimal performance. All solutions include cables, a monitor, and power supplies. The sales team can help pick out the perfect solution for you.

Home Surveillance Systems

The first option is a Home Surveillance System. It comes with four cameras. This is everything you need for a small home surveillance set up. Also, the 2MCCTV pre-built security systems are a perfect beginner’s kit. For instance, the kit includes four cameras, including your choice of the dome, bullet, indoor/outdoor, or weatherproof cameras situated on your personal needs. Included is a DVR to record all of the captured security footage.  These cameras are perfect for keeping at critical points in your houses. These points could include the front door, back door, and back yard.

4 Camera Security Systems

Small Business Surveillance Systems

The next step up is the Small Business Surveillance Systems. These include an eight-camera set up with a DVR. The functions include email updates and timed recordings. In addition, each system arrives with eight cameras. Additionally, you have the option of the bullet, dome, vandal-proof, weatherproof, or indoor/outdoor. Also, we have a line of pre-made security systems. These are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. 

8 Camera Security Systems

Mid-Size Surveillance Systems

Above that are the best-selling Mid-Size Surveillance systems. This package comes with a 16 camera security system. It also comes with some of the more prominent cameras and DVR recorders. In addition, they come with all the needed accessories for a more thorough surveillance solution. The cameras are weather resistant. Also, you can check it through your phone or computer. Having 16 cameras offers enough adaptability to satisfy small to large-sized businesses.

16 Camera Security Systems

Enterprise Business Surveillance Systems

The last option is the Enterprise Business Surveillance Systems. This package comes with 32 security cameras. These cameras come with infrared capabilities and have excellent night vision. In addition, they work well in low light and even no light. Also, you can choose from mini-dome, weatherproof bullet, indoors, or vandal-proof cameras.

32 Camera Security Systems

We sell a variety of CCTV security packages made to fit everyone’s different needs. Also at 2MCCTV, we make buying your security camera packages as easy as possible. Also, you can choose from a range of both indoor and outdoor cameras. The packages come with everything needed to introduce and sustain the system. A smart phone or computer can be used to check the cameras remotely.

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