Sony NSR-1100


Hybrid Network Surveillance Server, Easy Hybrid Migration, High Picture Quality, Open Platform, Quick Setup & Easy Operation

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Sony NSR-1100 Hybrid Network Surveillance Server



Changing from an analog camera system to an IP network system can be a daunting task. Sony offers the NSR-1100 as a versatile solution because it supports both analog and network cameras in one recording device. This hybrid DVR can also display full HD/SD cameras/displays using an open-platform design. To connect up to 32 network/analog cameras, the server requires the optional NSBK-A16 to connect up to 16 analog cameras to a system. It boosts an internal storage capacity of 1 TB with the ability to connect up to seven units of the NSRE-S200 (2 TB Hard Disk Storage Device) for an additional total of 14GB storage capacity. Evolve with the NSR-1100 to open the doors to a world of new possibilities in video surveillance.



Easy Hybrid Migration

The SONY hybrid system allows for easy migration from an analog to an IP camera system. You can add up to 16 analog cameras using the NSBK-A16 Analog Encoder Kit to integrate with the network cameras. With the hybrid system, you can improve your system with network IP cameras, even megapixel, while still maintaining analog cameras.


Open Platform

The open platform adds the ability to not only use Sony's network cameras, but also many other major brand of network cameras.


Quick Setup & Easy Operation

Through the use of the set-up wizard, setting up a security system is quick, easy and straightforward. When using Sony's IP cameras, the NSR-1100 can easily detect the cameras instantly for quick and easy installation.


High Picture Quality

Utilizes high frame rate display and HDMI outputs for high picture quality. With the NSR1100, the frame rate is higher than the previous NSR models by allowing display devices to show clear, smooth images at approximately 25 fps. Through the HDMI interface, this network server can display full HD (1920 x 1080) using megapixel cameras.



You can easily expand with additional storage with an internal hard drive capability of up to 2 TB. For even more storage, the server can connect up to 7 NRE-200 units via its SAS interface for a maximum recording capacity of approximately 11TB.



For improved flexibility, the supplied Controller Software bundle, which when install to a personal computer or PC based server, can be used to supervise the server from a remote location. Sony also provides Intelligent Monitoring software to monitor and control up to 32 network cameras with the same functionality and graphical user interface as the NSR-1100.


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