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Nuuo, founded in 2004 is a worldwide famous provider of surveillance solutions, well known for its input in the industry's development and for its trustworthy reputation.
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  1. NUUO SCB-IP Plus

    IP Plus Digital Surveillance Camera Software,License for 1 Camera,Up to 64 Channels, Support Megapixel IP Cameras, Multifunctional Playback
  2. NUUO SCB-IP Lite

    IP Lite Surveillance Software, License for 4 cameras, Up to 32 Channels, Support Megapixel IP cameras, Triple Monitor Display
  3. NUUO NVRmini 2

    NAS-based Mini Standalone NVR, Up to 16 IP Cameras, Support Real-time Recording, ONVIF Protocol Integration, Supported iPhone/iPad/Android
  4. NUUO Titan NVR

    Enterprise Linux Standalone NVR, 5 Mp Recording Resolution, Support up to 16 cameras,Support Megapixel/H.264 camera, Web-based live view
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4 Item(s)

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