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Many people nowadays go to a local electronics store and purchase a do it yourself security camera system. The Do It Yourself (DIY) security camera systems have invaded the electronics retail market, due to its high market demands and improvement in technology, making it possible to sell complete security camera system kits in one box.

We receive many calls on daily basis from customer whom have bought their camera systems from either Sams club, or cosctco, walmart, you name it. Many of those buyers, even-though the systems are DIY, fail to realize that those camera systems are pretty hard to install. Mainly because, they have to run the coaxial cable wire through their heavily fiberglassed insulations, tight attics. Plus, mounting the cameras outside after drilling holes into bricks.

Ninety percent of homeowners who buy those DIY systems, have no previous experience on how to run wires throughout their house, yet alone fishing wires through the walls. It is really an underestimated marketing gimmick by security camera kit manufacturers.  Many buyers also have the assumption that the homeowner can do the install by himself, just as easy as changing a light bulb. This is definitely not the case, it would require at least two people to do the job.

Our installation crew and subcontractor whom have, over five years at least of experience, usually average three hours per camera to install, between running the wire, mounting the cameras, fishing the wires through the walls and setting up the system, and that’s with two technicians doing the job.

Many of those buyers when calling us ask us for a quote to install their camera system, we always decline to do such installs, because, we do not really trust those commercialized security camera kits. For instance, we have learned from experience that the cables included in those kits are the cheap type that will drop your image quality to at least 50%. The wires are so thin that when fishing them through the walls some actually break. Many of those breakages would be internal unseen until the connection is being tested at the end. Then we would have to rerun another wire, which will take up double the time.

DIY camera kits buyers face return problem if they face a problem with one of the cameras. Electronics retail store will not accept returning one camera of the system, if one thing is wrong the whole system has to be returned for replacement. And this is no easy task if all four or eight cameras are already installed and the wires already pulled. Security camera are like light bulbs, or other electronics they do break. Or the digital video recorder might break, then you are left without a system unless you pull out all the wires, dismount the cameras and package back to the retail store you bought it from, otherwise you will be out of luck.

Many buyers at first glance assume that its just like buying a TV, you buy it, connect and all good. Security camera system are way more complex and involved compared to any other electronics systems out there. Security camera systems for decades was only provided by professionals who has the experience to manage the product, install and able to service it. The DIY camera kits worked for some but not the majority of homeowners.

Many buyers also ask us what do you think of this brand, or this DIY kit. We usually ask those customers to check the retail stores you are buying your camera systems from, do they have the same cameras installed on their own building, 100% of the time their answer would be no. That tells you how much trust they have in the systems they sell. So why do you think those retail stores call professional experienced companies like to help them with their systems? Well because that’s all what we have done for the past 12 years.

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