KT&C OMNI960-16/1TB


16 Channel, 960H DVR, with 1TB, USB 2.0 ports, on front and rear panels for video archive and mouse usage

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KT&C brings you the next generation of analog recording. Now you can take full advantage of the 750+ HTVL cameras that give you such precise LIVE views. You can RECORD that image detail and deliver the same clarity improvement during PLAYBACK.  This WD1/960H technology can record images at a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels (720HTVL), a 36% increase over traditional analog 528HTVL from NTSC 704×480 (4CIF) images.

This incredibly detailed recording is just the start for the OMNI960 -16/1TB DVRs: record up to 30FPS @ full 960H/WD1 resolution – REAL TIME on ALL channels. To help manage LAN/WAN bandwidth for efficient remote monitoring the OMNI960 -16/1TB implements sub-stream recording. The DVR simultaneously creates and captures both the 960H high resolution image and a second stream at a separately controllable lower resolution and rate that conserves bandwidth for remote display of single or multiple displays of live and playback camera images on a PC, smart phone or tablet via cellular or low bandwidth WAN networks.  With sub-stream LIVE and PLAYBACK, it is practical to remotely display multi-camera views at low bandwidth, yet at the click of a mouse the DVR can be directed to supply a fully detailed high resolution image on demand.  For extreme bandwidth conservation, the OMNI960-16 DVRs offer a unique Channel 0 remote stream which displays a user defined multi-view in the bandwidth of a single channel.





OMNI960 -16/1TB 16 Channel 960H DVR with 1TB Features:


  • WD1 960×480 recording delivers 36% more detail than traditional 4CIF (704×480)
  • H.264 Compression for efficient HDD utilization and streaming
  • NTSC/PAL automatic signal selection
  • WD1 real-time live display and recording all channels real time playback on up to 4 channels
  • Independent channel setup for resolution/FPS/bitrate/image quality/normal & event record
  • HDMI (720p/1080p) + VGA (to 1920×1080) + BNC main monitors support any type of display
  • Simultaneous high bandwidth recording (480 NTSC/400 PAL @WD1) plus sub-stream recording for reduced bandwidth remote viewing
  • Unique Channel 0 remote stream displays user defined multi-view in the bandwidth of a single channel
  • Pentaplex Operation (Simultaneous live, recording, playback, archiving and remote viewing)
  • User friendly GUI with graphical icons and visual indicators
    – Easy to use on-screen menus include digital zoom and instant playback of recent video
    – Operate using front panel controls, wheel mouse or included IR remote
  • Quickly locate and review event video
    – Search by date/time, or preview images by pointing along a color coded timeline of record type
    – Tag video of interest for easy retrieval or export
    – Play based on results of extensive event/alarm log search
    – Use &ldquoSmart Search&rdquo to define an area of interest the NVR quickly reviews recorded video to list instances of motion in that area for review by the operator
  • Watermarking for validation of recorded video
  • Easy router setup for remote access: uPnP automatically sets up port forwarding (router must support/allow uPnP)
  • Free DDNS Service &ndash static IP address is not required for reliable remote access
  • Supports individual HDD sizes up to 4Tb for extended recording Up to 2 HDD
  • Free iOS and Android app:
    – Scroll though single/quad display live views
    – Playback specific cameras by date/time plus easy slider control
    – Audio monitoring support
    – Mobile PTZ control
    – Relay control
    – Up to 16 camera views from HD tablets (HD app)
  • Multiple Control Inputs: mouse / front panel / hand held IR remote controller (included)
  • Remote configuration support from built-in web interface and/or free CMS program
  • Ethernet (10/100) interface for remote network viewing and control
  • On-screen PTZ control via mouse or front panel
  • Audio recording capabilities plus two-way audio support
  • USB 2.0 ports on front and rear panels for video archive and mouse usage
  • Free Windows CMS displays dozens of cameras
  • Free MAC client software connects to individual sites for live view and playback
  • Multi-language support
  • Rack mountable with rack ears (order KA-ORM1)



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