KT&C OMNI960-32-2TB


32 Channel, 960H DVR with 2 TB, HDD, H.264 Compression for efficient HDD utilization and streaming

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The KT&C OMNI960-32-2TB is 32 Channel 960H DVR with 2 TB HDD. OMNI960-32-2TB brings you the next generation of analog recording. Now you can take full advantage of the 750+ HTVL cameras that give you such precise LIVE views. Now you can RECORD that image detail and deliver the same clarity improvement during PLAY – BACK.  This WD1/960H technology can record images at a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels (720HTVL), a 36% increase over traditional analog 528HTVL from NTSC 704×480 (4CIF) images.  This new application of H.264 compression technology still delivers enhanced recording capacity and improved network image transmission speed, even while it improves image quality. Mix and match ‘standard’ resolution cameras (up to 540HTVL) with 'improved' (600~700 HTVL) and (720~750+ HTVL) cameras to record as much detail as is available from each one. This incredibly detailed recording is just the start for the OMNI960-32 DVRs: record up to 30FPS @ full 960H/WD1 resolution – REAL TIME on ALL channels. To help manage LAN/WAN bandwidth for efficient remote monitoring the OMNI960 series implements sub-stream recording.




OMNI960-32-2TB 32 Channel 960H DVR with 2 TB HDD Features:

  • 32 Channel WD1 960×480 recording delivers 36% more detail than traditional 4CIF (704×480)
  • H.264 Compression for efficient HDD utilization and streaming
  • NTSC/PAL automatic signal selection
  • HDMI (720p/1080p) + VGA (to 1920×1080) + BNC main monitors support any type of display
  • Call monitor: composite BNC output for quad/sequential/event camera display and PTZ control
  • WD1 real-time live display and recording all channels real time playback on up to 16 channels
  • Independent channel setup for resolution/FPS/bitrate/image quality/normal & event record
  • Simultaneous high bandwidth recording (480 NTSC/400 PAL @WD1) plus sub-stream recording for reduced bandwidth remote viewing
  • Unique Channel 0 remote stream displays user defined multi-view in the bandwidth of a single ch.
  • Pentaplex Operation (Simultaneous live, recording, playback, archiving and remote viewing)
  • User friendly GUI with graphical icons and visual indicators
    – Easy to use on-screen menus include digital zoom and instant playback of recent video
    – Operate using full front panel controls, wheel mouse or included IR remote
  • Quickly locate and review event video
    – Search by date/time, or preview images by pointing along a color coded timeline of record type
    – Tag video of interest for easy retrieval or export
    – Play based on results of extensive event/alarm log search
    – Use &ldquoSmart Search&rdquo to define an area of interest the NVR quickly reviews recorded video to list instances of motion in that area for review by the operator
  • Watermarking for validation of recorded video
  • Easy router setup for remote access: uPnP automatically sets up port forwarding (router must support/allow uPnP)
  • Free DDNS Service &ndash static IP address is not required for reliable remote access
  • Supports multiple storage options for extended recording
  • Up to 2 HDD/16Tb internal + eSATA at DVR
  • 8 network disks (8 NAS disks, or 7 NAS disks +1 IP SAN disk) can be connected.
  • Free iOS and Android app:
    – Scroll though single/quad display live views
    – Playback specific cameras by date/time plus easy slider control
    – Audio monitoring support
    – Mobile PTZ control
    – Relay control
    – Up to 16 camera views from HD tablets (HD app)
  • Multiple Control Inputs: mouse / front panel / hand held IR remote controller (included)
  • Remote configuration support from built-in web interface and/or free CMS program
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface for remote network viewing and control
  • On-screen PTZ control via mouse or front panel
  • External eSATA DVD burner or Optional internal &ndash replaces one HDD
  • Audio recording capabilities plus two-way audio support
  • USB 2.0 ports on front and rear panels for video archive and mouse usage
  • Free Windows CMS displays hundreds of cameras
  • Free MAC client software connects to individual sites for live view and playback
  • Multi-language support
  • Rack mountable rack ears included



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