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Having a surveillance system in the business and workplace has many benefits like preventing theft and monitoring employee behavior. However, having security cameras would be worthless if they are placed in the wrong locations and are not recording anything important. In businesses, security camera placement is just as important as the cameras themselves. To get the best coverage out of your business security cameras, there are a few key locations to place them.

Exits & Entrances

Security cameras should be placed above or near all entrances and exits. This security camera placement is important in order to capture everyone who comes in and out. Even if the security cameras inside don’t capture the criminal well, the cameras at doors will because they will need to pass by them to enter and exit.

Cash Registers

One of the most important places to put security cameras would be at cash registers. Since everyone knows that there’s money inside, they’re easy targets for theft from customers as well as employees. Cameras should be mounted at face level with the customers and employees. The higher the security camera placement, the more difficult it will be to identify faces.


Like cash registers, inventory rooms and warehouses are prime targets of theft. Having security cameras in these areas will deter stealing and also capture any proof if any inventory goes missing. They can even be used to make sure no one is damaging goods which increases shrinkage costs. It’s also good for recording any employee accidents for liability purposes.

Parking Lots

Security is not just important to have inside the business, but outside as well. Many incidents can occur in parking lots like car theft, car accidents, and aggravated assault. Having security cameras in parking lots increases the protection of customers and employees. Not only that, they can capture license plate numbers in case a shoplifter runs out and needs to be tracked down.

Stairwells & Elevators

All areas of the business should be monitored, including any stairwells and elevators. Many businesses don’t think that these places need surveillance because there’s not a lot of people in them for extended periods of time, but this reason makes them more susceptible to incidents. For example, someone might pickpocket or assault someone else in an elevator because they think that their crimes will go unnoticed. People can also hide in stairwells until the business closes and then burglarize them without having to break-in.

Exterior Areas

Just like parking lots, exterior areas are prone to crime, especially secluded and dark areas. Seedy individuals could lurk in back alleys and wait for people to rob or assault. Dumpster areas also need to be monitored because they could be hiding areas for stolen goods. A common tactic used by employees is disguising stolen inventory as trash and throwing it in the dumpster for retrieval later.

Wrap Up

Security camera placement is so important because not having them in the right areas is just like not having a surveillance system at all. Being able to record proper footage is essential for any business because not having footage could mean losing thousands or millions of dollars. But keep in mind that your security cameras and their placement should always be following surveillance laws and guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions about where to set up your security cameras, you can always contact us for help.

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