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Outdoor security cameras are important to have comprehensive surveillance coverage. They are your first line of defense in capturing evidence of intruders and burglars. Security cameras can be helpful in deterring these activities. Also, there are many security camera choices available, and it can be overwhelming. No matter what you want your security cameras for, it is important to understand how security cameras work, the features, the options you have, and how to choose the best option.

How do Outdoor Security Cameras work?

Outdoor security cameras can be connected either through a central monitoring point through a DVR (digital video recorder) or an NVR (network video recorder), depending on which cameras you have. Also, you can record video footage to access at a later time. You can set the cameras to record at specific times, upon demand, or with a motion sensor. You can access them through a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Types of Cameras

There is a high demand for outdoor security cameras. As the demand rises, so does the need for unique cameras with a wide range of applications. In addition, the result of this is a fast-growing security camera market of different types of cameras to use outside. 

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras: Perfect for monitoring from different angles
  • Infrared cameras: Perfect for night and day surveillance
  • Dome Security cameras: Best suited for entry points and wide-angle monitoring
  • Bullet Security Cameras: Suited for ceiling or wall mount and entrances
  • Weatherproof and Vandal-proof cameras: Perfect for outdoor surveillance
Outdoor security cameras
2M Technology 2MVIP-4MIR30-E 4MP IR Ultra 265 Outdoor Dome IP Camera

IP and HD Cameras

IP security cameras work with CAT5/6 Ethernet cables. With advanced technology, you can enjoy high definition. IP cameras can connect to your smartphone or tablet to enable real-time video monitoring from nearly anywhere in the world. In addition, HD cameras are also top-rated. They have 1080p resolution with excellent image clarity and detail. Some models even feature great low-light performance in both night and day. HD over-coax cameras are a great option if you want to upgrade from analog cameras.

What To Look For in Outdoor Security Cameras

For video resolution, a camera with at least 3MP is recommended. The higher the resolution, the better. Also, high resolution increases the chances of positively identifying faces and license plates. You should get a camera with a high field of view. A wide-angle or a long-range camera pointed at the entry, and exit points are best. Weatherproofing and vandal-resistant cameras are important to have. Make sure your camera has a high IP waterproof rating and the highest possible vandal resistance, especially if your camera is lower than 7 feet away from the ground. Night vision can be important if you need your camera to capture images at night. You can buy low-light, day/night infrared security cameras to get the best night vision capabilities.

Storage is also very important. You can choose from local storage via USB drive or cloud storage or micro SD storage. In addition, keep in mind, HD videos take up more storage space. You should consider motion detectors for recording footage to save room, so your cameras are not permanently recording. It is also best to have cameras that aren’t reliant on the internet for outdoor cameras.

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