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It is important to have surveillance cameras in every parking lot. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that 20% of car accidents occur in parking lots. Surveillance footage from parking lots can give valuable video footage for investigations in car accidents and crimes. The most common crimes that occur parking lots are hit and runs and vandalism. With license reading capabilities, cameras can now assist in stopping these crimes. Bus depots, car sales lots, public parking lots, and parking garages are all at risk.


Cameras can help your customers feel safe and assist in law enforcement. The recordings can provide proof of damaged or stolen items. They can also protect people against false liability claims. When properly installed, they keep track of who enters and leaves your property and can reduce cases of trespassing. They can also deter crime when the cameras are visible. If you own a paid parking lot, you can catch people who try and park without paying.

Camera Factors to Consider

It would help if you had a camera that can see well at night. Parking lots run during the day and at night, so you need a camera that does as well. The best kind of camera to get is one with a high resolution. If someone commits a crime, the only way you will be able to catch them is if you can see their face or license plate. 1440p or higher would be the best way to go. Since the cameras are going to be sitting outdoors, it would be best to weatherproof them. In addition, they should be vandal-proof since a lot of vandalism takes place in parking lots. Some features to add would be motion sensing and zooming in to catch everything that happens.

Types of Cameras

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can be useful in parking lots. They offer functions such as object tracking, which is when the camera follows an object around the parking lot. Thermal cameras can give reliable motion alerts without a lot of false-positive alerts. Facial recognition cameras can also be considered to identify criminals. Making your security cameras visible can be useful in loss prevention and deterring crime. You can install the cameras anywhere there is access to power and connect them wirelessly to the internet.

Wrap Up

2MCCTV offers a wide range of access control products as well as surveillance security cameras. Log on and give us a call at 1-877-926-2288 today. We have an experienced team of salesmen, technicians, and installers. In addition, they can help you design the perfect security system for your individual needs.

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