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Infrared Motion Detector

Infrared Motion Detector for burglar alarm system
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  1. Honeywell IS216T

    High UV Environments, with Minimal Degradation, Tolerant Lens withstand, Temperature Compensation, Advanced Dual Slope, Microprocessor Controlled

    Model No : Honeywell IS216T
  2. Honeywell IS335 Wired PIR Motion Detector

    Honeywell IS335 Wired PIR Motion Detector

    Model No : IS335
  3. Honeywell IS2535/25

    Provides Better Coverage, Up Close Multiple Zones, Look Down Area, Custom Designed, Fresnel Lenses Help Detect Intruders, Protected Area Easily

    Model No : IS2535/25
  4. Honeywell IS2535/10

    Selectable Sensitivity, Flexible Mountings, False Alarm Immunity, Uniform Sensitivity Optics, Patented Mirror Look Down

    Model No : Honeywell IS2535/10
  5. Honeywell IS2535/5

    False Alarm Immunity, Easier Maintenance (Is2500tc Family), Uniform Sensitivity Optics , Patented Mirror Look Down

    Model No : IS2535/5
  6. Honeywell IS2535

    Complete Line, Global Compliance, Easy Installation, Selectable Sensitivity, Flexible Mountings

    Model No : Honeywell IS2535
  7. Honeywell IS216T-CUR

    Surfaced Run Wiring, Look-down Zones, Mounting Flexibility, Selectable Sensitivity

    Model No : Honeywell IS216T-CUR
  8. Honeywell CK-215TCE/5

    Automatic Walk Test, Silent Relay, White Light Immunity, Tamper Switch

    Model No : Honeywell CK-215TCE/5
  9. Honeywell IS215TCE-MIC

    Microprocessor Controlled, Shock Algorithm, Reduces False Alarms, Tamper Proof Design

    Model No : Honeywell IS215TCE-MIC
  10. Honeywell IS215T

    Ultra Low Current Design, Silent Relay, Tamper Proof Design, Installer Friendly Settings, Improved Emi Immunity

    Model No : Honeywell IS215T
  11. Honeywell 995

    Attractive Styling, Fits Single Gang, box or can be Recessed into Wall, Signature Analysis, Pulse Count Reduces, False Alarms

    Model No : 995
  12. DSC WS4904P

    DSC WS4904P: Wireless Passive Infrared Detector, Bravo 3D Hardwire, 433 MHz Technology, High-Traffic Shutdown, Pet Immunity to 27 kg, Lithium Battery Included

    Model No : WS4904P
  13. Honeywell IS216

    Tolerant Lens withstand, High UV Environments, with Minimal Degradation, Temperature Compensation, Advanced Dual Slope, Microprocessor Controlled

    Model No : Honeywell IS216
  14. Honeywell DT7435

    Digital Adaptive Microwave, Thresholds, Digitally Adjusts, Thresholds to Account, Room Disturbances, Ceiling Fans other Repetitive Moving Objects

    Model No : Honeywell DT7435
  15. Honeywell DT7235T

    Alarms Due to RF Signals, Electrostatic Discharge, Electrical Overstress, Patented Black Bug, Guard Improves white Light Immunity, Adaptive Microwave, Threshold Circuit Automatically, Adjusts for Room Disturbances

    Model No : Honeywell DT7235T
  16. Honeywell DT901

    Microcontroller-Based, Dual Technology, Microwave and Passive Infrared, Technologies, Combined with Microcontroller-based Advanced, Signal Processing, Provide Excellent

    Model No : DT901
  17. Honeywell DT900

    Microcontroller-Based, Dual Technology, Microwave Passive Infrared, Technologies Combined, Microcontroller-Based Advanced, Signal Processing, Provide Excellent

    Model No : Honeywell DT900
  18. Honeywell DT7450

    Superb Detection Through, Technology Microwave, Technology Delivers, Sharp Detection, without Holes or Weak spots, The custom made source, Offers Pattern Shaping

    Model No : Honeywell DT7450
  19. Honeywell DT6360STC

    Microwave Advanced Processing, Incoming Microwave, PIR Signals are Constantly, Monitored and Individually, Qualified for Intrusion Characteristics

    Model No : DT6360STC
  20. Honeywell DT6100STC

    Range: 100' x 20', Map Signal Processing, Temperature Compensation, Fluorescent Light Filter, Adjustable Microwave and PIR Settings

    Model No : Honeywell DT6100STC
  21. Honeywell 5898

    Advanced DualCore Signal Processing, DualCore Signal, Processing Analyzes, PIR and Microwave Signals, Through the 5898 Microcontroller, Dualcore Processing Supports, A multitude of Advanced Functions

    Model No : 5898
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21 Item(s)

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