GeoVision GV-Push Button


American Standard Push Button Switch, Stainless Steel Faceplate, Dry Contact, 76mm Red Words, Easy Integration, Electric Locking Device

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Push Button Switch
The GeoVision PB41 Push Button Switch is your standard everyday push button, only better. The button is made from stainless steel faceplate for decent looks, can be integrated with different access control systems.
Easy entry/Exit
The push button allows entry/exit by momentarily activating or deactivating a coupled electric locking device. It is an American standard push button switch with dry contact and is powered by 125V AC (5A) or 250V AC (3A).
Integrate with existing access control systems
The GeoVision PB41 Push Button Switch is a simple electric device that can be easily integrated with the existing access control systems to act as a switch to open/close doors. It looks luxe and is great for both commercial and home installations.


GeoVision PB41 Push Button Switch Features:


  • The PB41 is an American standard push button switch
  • PB41 Can be Integrated with Access Control System
  • Momentarily Activating or Deactivating The Electric Locking Device
  • 5A / AC 125V or 3A / AC 250V
  • Dry contact


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